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  10. wonderful images:)


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  12. Oh? Did you see the same UN speech? I find it instantly amusing to hear Queen's English on that speech, which went in a circle (look its Emma Watson).
  13. Might persons sincerely confused of the Church in the world might have thought of looking up and asking the rain clouds? They currently broke the Puritan Pilgrim Church, I haven't had access to the nearest conventicle, the Church of Scotland is an abominable burden. Sincerely no interest in the politics of the Church do you figure, or the administration? No wonder France does that to people.
  14. Also Queen's Gambit is awesome. I love US Netflix content and use VeePN VPN to watch Netflix without restrictions, so convy. Now I can watch my favorite shows from any corner of the globe.
  15. Iron Fist was better than it's reputation, I'd certainly watch it again over Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. The second season was pretty good, just the main guy is a bit bland.
  16. A Promising Young Woman. Really enjoyed it. Just when I thought the film was coming to a close, it turned out that there was still a good chunk more to go. Powerful stuff.
  17. Elena

    Emmazingly edited

    thank you! much appreciated!
  18. absolutely gorgeous!

  19. yes folks let's keep it going!
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