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  1. Andrea. Doesn't use a last name. This profile sort of looks like Emma, but there is no real resemblance in other pics.
  2. I think goldenmeadow meant the person on the steps looks like Emma.
  3. Well, it is possible I visited the forum in 2003, but yes you have been a member longer. You're one of the oldtimers. Glad to have you still around.
  4. This forum opened 27 October 2010 but I like to think of it as a continuation of the old Emma Watson forum. From digging on the net, I believe the old EW forum started on 1 November 2002. Before that I think there was a forum on Fan City that was about Rupert and Emma and they had the idea to start an Emma specific forum. I started visiting the forum in 2004 and finally registered in May 2005 (I've always been dookdookdook). So, the beginnings were all before my time. I don't know if there is anyone left from the earliest days. Sadly, many of the posters in this topic haven't been here for m
  5. I do think a convincing German accent would be a challenge in a leading role with many lines. Emma was in Berlin a few months ago.
  6. It is still listed as Colonia Dignidad on the Majestic and Rat Pack websites, while Iris Production isn't clear.
  7. Welcome to the forum Thalia.
  8. Don't you ever get tired of the constant negativity? Emma was appointed ambassador 6 months ago. You don't think in all that time an English lit major couldn't write a speech? No, of course not. Emma doesn't really care about women. This is all a PR stunt. Luke made the UN appoint Emma as ambassador.
  9. The mention of Colonia Dignidad has been remove from the CV.
  10. dookdookdook

    Taylor Swift

    I really like a couple of her songs, but I guess that's not enough to make me a fan. She's a classy dresser and stays out of the tabloids, mostly just positive stories in the news about her.
  11. I'm no fan of pharmaceutical companies, but this is not about them being greedy. Sales of drugs for ALS don't even make up 0.01% of total sales. It's hardly a moneymaker for them. Also, the money is going to charities which provide patient care and fund research. Why would a greedy "big pharma" want to promote research?
  12. It is a "pics" topic. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen that complete Regis & Kelly visit before, so thanks goldenmeadow.
  13. Does clearing the browser cache help? Junkie, I guess you are on a PC. What version of windows? @Unica, are you on a PC or mobile? And which version of windows, or is it ipad or android if mobile? EDIT: I've made a small change and I no longer have the problem when viewed with my tablet. Are things back to normal for you?
  14. I think it's a problem with a recent update to Chrome. I rolled back Chrome on my tablet to a previous version and then the site works fine.
  15. Ok, that may help narrow down the problem. jigz, yes, that may be from a slow connection. Looks like it is failing to load the css and some images. I get that on some websites occasionally and usually just reloading the page will clear it up.
  16. Are you all by chance using chrome? I've just tried that on my tablet and I see the blink on and off.
  17. But not Emma Watson or Help Center?
  18. Is it still flickering for you? Have you tried clearing the browser cache and restarting? I've rebuilt the skins (themes) just a short while ago to see if that will help. And is it just on the front page, or any page? Just flickering titles, or everything flickers?
  19. I believe the forum can be set to support different languages. You pick the flag of your country and then things like button labels, etc are in your language. We don't have that setup here.
  20. Ok, that is similar to what the other person said. No, that's not alright. It shouldn't do that.
  21. One other person so far has mentioned a problem with how the forum is displayed. I haven't been able to find anything wrong, or duplicate it for myself. At this point I'm not sure what is happening. My suggestion to the other person was to clear their browser cache and restart the browser.
  22. Yahoo, bing and Google are here quite often, but they don't talk much. :/
  23. nope, just found it on the net and posted it here Someone else edited it. This one is more original. http://i60.tinypic.com/2iuql1z.jpg
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