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  1.  Luciana, what you've touched upon with the tent scene is my biggest disappointment with the interview.  I never liked the scene in the movies, but as a re watched the movies I came to grips with it more as a situation where two friends were comforting one another in their sadness during a difficult time.  Basically Harry was just trying to lift Hermione's spirits a bit.  For JKR to describe the scene as a kind of what could have been moment completely disintegrates the integrity of her characters.  That comment is not only dismissive of Ron, but it diminishes Harry and Hermione.  It also completely justifies Ron's leaving.  If that were the emotion that JKR was grateful was captured by that scene in the movie, then Ron should never have returned.  That little ball of light should have gone into his heart and exploded *yes, I have the propensity for over dramatization on occasion*.  Sure Harry and Hermione could have worked and Ginny could have worked with Dean, but who is Ron, the insecure one left with?  The only way to resolve that is to kill him off, have him end up alone or create a character out of thin air who he ends up with who the readers have zero emotional attachment to. 


    It would also mean that when Ron accused Harry of being disconected and disinterested in what was happening to Ginny he would have been spot on.  It kind of makes Harry a slime ball.  I resent that because I love Harry as a character and I love his love for Ginny.  I just don't see how JKR can't see that or come to that conclusion when she made those comments.  She just rolled a truck over the integrity of Harry and Hermione and left Ron pinned beneath the wheels.  That comment is going to make it difficult for me to ever watch the movie again. 


    In making these accusations I know that what I am reacting to is a comment that is likely a fraction of JKRs opinions about her creations.  In isolating that comment and ripping it apart I know I'm not doing justice to the depth of her intellectual and emotional investment in Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny.  The problem I'm having personally is that JKR has lost my trust.  I trusted her to stand by her characters the way she wrote them and while being able to discuss their flaws, also trumpet their values.  Doubt and a lack of trust if not a relationship killer is a serious hurdle.  If JKR doubts her own decision and can't trust her own decision, then why should I as the reader trust it? (<--- I think Sabine may have made this point earlier)  My reading experience with the HP series is likely forever altered.


    Outside of the particular comment that I picked apart I could understand a lot of the other things she was saying regarding Hermione's flaws, Ron's flaws and some of the flaws in their interaction.  As far as the counseling comment is concerned I feel like in the moment she was applying an adult view to two adolescents.  I think it's fair to assume that both Ron and Hermione still had some maturing that is natural for their age to do by the end of the Battle at Hogwarts.   A lot of the back and fourth they had grew out of the tension between their feelings for one another and not knowing how to express those feelings.  I should think that once they got together a good portion of the arguments that derived from those tensions would cease. 

    I agree with everything you said. Rowling saying that the tent scene was one of the best scenes (even Emma) was unforgivable.. Also, she praises Kloves as he was some kind of God, like come on!! He destroyed her characters, he did whatever he wanted with her books. I don`t know, I will never understand it....

  2. ^^..


    Thanks Trixie...


    The full interview is out guys...


    All is well....


    You can read it here:http://www.mugglenet.com/jkrint-wonderland-020714.shtml



    JKR says that Ron needs to work out on his self-esteem and Hermione on being less critical,


    She says that Ron and Hermione need to sort out their incompatibilities, which would be okay when they are young but not during adulthood.

    She says that Harry and Hermione would have been a good couple, but girls like Hermione would like someone like Ron to lighten them up and with a little bit of counselling Ron and Hermione would come good in the end...!!!!!!

    Yeah, she never says that she regrets Ron and Hermione relationship, but I didn`t like the way she describes Ron. She describes him as a weak, insecure guy.... I disagree, but well... Also the tent scene was sh$t, totally out of character. But well, what is done is done.

  3. The dynamic of the friendship between Harry and Ron kind of gets lost in the rubble of comments on Hermione/Ron and any acknowledgment of a desired Harry/Hermione relationship.  In the books at least  Ron was Harry's best friend.  In the movies, Hermione was the glue for the three, it's the biggest misrepresentation and liberty taken by the writers/directors/producers of the WB series.  In the real story Ron was the glue.  Ron was the one who Harry wished was there when Hermione got on his nerves.  Oh, and could she ever get on his nerves.  Just like with Ron, Harry could be annoyed by Hermione's pestering him about what was right and what was wrong.  Harry also often found Hermione boring.  Ron was the one who would hang out and have a good time with him.  One of the largest differences between Harry and Ron was simply that Ron told Hermione when she annoyed him, while Harry suffered in silence.  So if Ron and Hermione would have needed counseling then so would have Harry and Hermione. 


    Here's where another issue arises though.  If the books were written largely as they were but JKR had decided to kill Ron late in the series, then would JKR have put Hermione and Harry together?  She did that with the twins.  She killed Fred and got George together with Angelina Johnson.  That always bothered me a bit.  Angelina was Fred's gf in the books.  Twins are unique.  I can honestly say I don't think there was EVER a girl who my twin brother Clifford and I BOTH fell for.  One of my biggest pet-peeves growing up was being compared to/with my twin brother in everything.  We liked who we liked and valued different things and that didn't make us any less close as friends or as twin brothers.  We spent most of the first 20 some odd years of our lives nearly attached at the hip (not literally).  A Harry/Hermione relationship would almost seem like a "pity" relationship, with Hermione feeling bad for Harry having lost Ron and Harry feeling bad for Hermione having lost Ron.  RON WAS THE GLUE.... but the glue would be gone.  What happens when the glues gone?  You have two seperate entities with very little in common.  Thanks JKR... because that's the best material to build a relationship on. :rolleye:

    This!!!!! Ron was always the connection between Harry and Hermione. That is what I hated about the films, it seemed like Harry and Hermione were closer, when  the closer ones were Ron and Harry. 

  4. Firstly, it's nice to see the thread so alive again! Welcome back Luciana and Sabine, it's nice to see you around :)


    The reason for this, however... I can't get my head around.


    Personally I'm going to wait for the full article before I form an opinion. But at the moment, something doesn't quite add up to me. JKR is well within her rights to express whatever opinion about the series as she would like. But personally I just can't comprehend how someone who not only wrote such a beautiful relationship but defended it and validated it, could now turn around and decide that wasn't good enough. I can totally understand her looking back and thinking, 'you know what, maybe H/Hr would have worked better' or 'H/Hr would have been good in this way but R/Hr are good in this way', but to outright say that she regrets her choice is something different entirely. It's a shame not only for the fans, who have spent their lives loving these characters, but for the author herself, who spent a grand portion of her life creating amazing characters who it now appears she didn't know very well. I'm hoping the full article sheds some light as to what has made her say these things or puts them in a better-explained context, but if this really is the truth, I am baffled and, quite frankly, hurt.

    This!!! She always supported Ron and Hermione relationship, and now she says it was a mistake? It makes any sense!! Besides, she is ruining her own story, because after this, I can´t read the books or watch the films without thinking that the author regrets the ending.

  5. Well, I know I´ve been away for a long time, but I must say that Rowling´s words broke my heart. And if it´s true that Emma said that Hermione would have been happier with Harry than with Ron, I will lose my respect for her. I´m sorry, but I´m upset....


    Deeply inside credit (as always :))...


    Can I just say I LOVE this scene between the 2 of them-wonder how many takes it took-they probably were laughing alot! LOL


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Yankee friends here ;)


    Hahaha :lol: You can see Rupert smiling!!

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xLhO900pvI&list=FLIQKKPHibkiXY5cPcX7cY6Q&index=1&feature=plpp_video




    Ummmm.... The video-previously posted by Luciana (nice find)--says it all. She wants us all to think that she hasn't seen Rupert since July 2011--@ the NY premiere?? That's just sad.

    Btw, the above quote was made Sept 29, 2012--a few weeks ago. :huh:


    I'm sorry but I don't believe her (and I never did). After seeing all the pictures, interviews, BTS, press conferences through the years, I'm pretty sure she had a crush on Rupert at one point. No doubt.

  8. Another great review!!! :)

    "The performances are uniformly strong, though Rupert Grint wins best in show for his charismatic and unflappable Scouse darts champ who takes great joy in rubbing his severe German compatriots up the wrong way. His accent, too, is note perfect, and the film is a far better showcase for his performing talents than any of the Harry Potter films."



    I've seen the movie, it's really good. I have a link, I can send it to you if you want cbmac

  9. Great review of "Into the white" (Cross of honour in UK) :yesyes:

    "Rupert Grint also holds his own corner of the cabin as the cocky Liverpudlian airman, willing – and able – to turn a seemingly harmless sounding anecdote, into an anti-Nazi insult in the last six syllables. Unleashing his blunt-edged, Hitler-bashing humour in a cabin with three downed German pilots earns him a kind of reluctant respect from the Germans that is all part of his senior officer’s plan."


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