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  1. I dislike Eggplant (Aubergine) Tuna Cabbage/Brussel Sprouts Liver/animal insides etc Seafood (other than boned fish fillets) Cold egg haha i'm relatively picky...
  2. Reasonably old photo - taken in B+W on my mates laptop hah - thats why its a tad blurry...
  3. KIM!!!!! Aww my gosh! I know I am so so late, but I can't believe it. So happy for you girl - you out of anyone deserves it! xx
  4. Hey everybody! I know hardly any of you will be interested in this, but I had to come and give those who would be interested an update on my gap year so far - filled with plenty of Harry Potter info. As many of you know, I was lucky enough to be offered a position at a primary school in Oxford, England. Since arriving in this incredible incredible place, I have had such a blast, and seen many incredible things. On my first day I went on a bus tour of Oxford, and then got an insiders tour through New College. Little did I know that New College was the location for the filming of the ferret scen
  5. OMG This place is such a sanctuary! My life is so so hectic atm, with incredibly mixed emotions, and you fellow R/Hr shippers have no idea how truly lovely it is to be able to come in here and just read and be at peace and enjoy the incredible ship. I regret not having time to post in the last few months - I misjudged how busy my christmas break would be. I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and lovely New Year? Its a very small and insignificant question, but I always wondered how our lovely couple would spend New years? I have a vivid picture in my mind of all the clan going to the bur
  6. My gosh you have no idea how much I wish I could apply. Had it been last year, I would have absolutely jumped at the chance, but with everything happening this year it'd be really difficult -well I presume it will be for the first few months anyways. Good luck to everyone who applies!!
  7. I LOVE snow, but will be very very upset if it causes my flight to be cancelled in January. I'm hoping that the airports find ways to deal with it before the 7th!!! I haven't seen snow in about 3 years.. and as its my favourite I can't wait to see it again. Over here right now its been a 3 day stream of 30+ C days.. so its been the total opposite really haha
  8. Thanks guys! awww!! Turkey! hehehe I used to get soo sick of it every year. Im not sure what we'll end up having this year. Yes! The rain stopped thank god - but only towards the end of the day - say 7pm. haha but naah nothing majorly exciting Nope, no waterfights either! naww that was so cute to read Kim! Haha yea it was light because it is summer over here It was really fun although it was grey and misty - it looked quite spectacular tbh. But yes! Very good goal!! Come over here Hahaha yum, COLD COFFEE. I do think im now considered legal in everything! A tad scary - but then i
  9. KIM!!!!! Thank you hehehehehehhe and ZOMG ITS A LOTR/HOBBIT CAKE and oooh yes!! You were having christmas on my birthday!! How was it???? I had an awesome party thanks lovely! We went to the beach at 9pm.. it was still light and just a lot of fun
  10. Thanks! and harrypotternerd (Sarah?) : I am 18 today
  11. AAwwwww Thanks guys! Having a fabulous day... just chilling - which is fine by me Can't say i feel any different either! x
  12. Aww pretty! I like her jacket. They always fit her perfectly. Her scarf looks soo warm too! Bet you'd need one flying into England atm!
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