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    Hangin out wit my friends & family, Watch Movies, Listen To Music, Read HP Books, & Makin Graphics & Fan-Videos!!

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  2. There is a screencaps of a photo of Harry/Hermione kissin in the background I didnt know if anyone wanted me to post it here or not since it's a spoiler.
  3. Yeah I have always loved Harry/Hermione together ever since the 1st movie.
  4. I love Pocahontas its good but im not a fan of Hannah Montana & High School Musical.. Since Halloween is comin up who is your favorite Disney Villains?
  5. For me ever since I watched him in Romeo & Juliet then I went to see him in Titantic I have to say he was hott & still is.
  6. I love them I have watched them ever since I was younger which ones were ur favorite & least favorite?
  7. I know I watched 2 of his films 2day. Which are "Yes Man & Batman Forever."
  8. Mine favorite movie besides Pirates Of Carribbean is Sweeney Todd..It's a really good film & He sings really good.
  9. I love Hermione...she is my favorite character & I love Harry too.
  10. I know me 2.. I even heard the sample soundtrack of him & its sad.
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