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  1. That "reeling the fish" one is pretty epic lol. I've never seen the "human toilet" one until now.
  2. Nickelback, the Backstreet boys and most rap artists.
  3. Ever since President Obama has declared an end to OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom,) his main concern now, (besides health care) is OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom.) Obama says that we (being the military) will not get out until January 2014. What are your views on this?
  4. Jerome - Barenaked Ladies
  5. My top 5 are as follows: 1. Dream Theater 2. Metallica 3. Weird Al Yankovic 4. Disturbed 5. Godsmack
  6. Funny that you guys talk about this hit, because as you guys probably know by now, there is a rule enforced now that a player cannot hit another player "helmet-to-helmet." Although this was a legal hit, I just want to bring up the point that some of the refs take that rule a little bit too far. Do you guys agree? Btw, my favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles.
  7. "Forsaken" by Dream Theater
  8. According to buzzle.com, the top 5 computer brands respectively are as follows: 1. Apple 2. HP 3. Dell 4. IBM 5. Gateway Hopefully, this helps.
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