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  1. I got the updates from her father himself. He was the once who informed me of her disappearance, as well as updating me on the case. It was dook who wanted to know about her account, and then I informed him of what was going on. And then I got the last update when gwendelin started talking to me again outside the forum.
  2. UPDATE: Gwen and her brother have been rescued and will be returning home soon. I thank you all for your cooperation and your prayers.
  3. blue pen a tough assignment or a lengthy assignment?
  4. Just to be clear on this update; the police have not found her yet. They know her whereabouts, but they do not know her exact location.
  5. UPDATE: Gwen and her brother are fine as far as everyone knows. However, they are both victims in a ransom out-of-state threat. There's no info on what kind of threat it is, the police know what state they are in, but not exactly where. Please continue to pray for them both for their safety as I'm sure they both need our prayers.
  6. Very nice work I really like them. They're beautiful. :3m_sie:
  7. Please please please come home. :'( I'm worried sick about you.
  8. I regret to inform everyone on the forum that the forum member known as gwendelin is currently missing. I just talked to her father and he was the one who informed me of her disappearance. The last time she was seen was the night of November 25th in New York Chinatown. To give you an idea of what she looks like, here is a picture of her: If anybody at all sees her or hears from her, please let me know. I will, in turn, let her father know. I need total cooperation from all of the forum members as we try to find her. New York law enforcement has just been informed of her disappearance, so
  9. Im sorry that your Thanksgiving Day had to go the way it did. =(
  10. Well, Im suprised that everybody here forgot all about this topic that was so popular in the old forum, only I put my own little addition to it. Now you have 4 choices rather then just 3. So without further ado, let the game begin.
  11. I thank you for praying for me. =) I already feel better about us.
  12. Whoo, it's been a while, but I think the first person I had an encounter with and started talking to (on both forums) is Erik (Maestro.) When I first joined, I think he was just a regular moderator lol.
  13. Trying to focus on the mission that lies ahead...
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    Excited for one thing, but worried about another.
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    traveling!! I get to drive all night---14 hours. Yaay
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