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  1. No, not Rickman and Reznor. Snape and Reznor.


    Do you guys not remember this when the first HP movie hit the screen? People were making jokes about them casting Trent Reznor in Harry Potter etc. It was a thing.

  2. I don't remember if this has ever been discusses here but...


    Do you think it was intentional that they made Snape look like Trent Reznor? I remember the first time I watched HP and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, I honestly thought it was Trent Reznor at first glance. It took me a few moments to realize it was Hans Gruber.

  3. I didn't watch the entire video (skipped around), but as an American I get kinda tired of these "certain things confuse Americans," "Americans don't understand stuff" kind of things. I know Jeremy on Top Gear likes to take shots at Americans and it's said in jest, as a joke, but after while, it just gets tiring being someone's punching bag. I tend to stumble across a lot of videos on YT of English people talking about Americans and what they don't get or talking about their visit to the US and the weird things that we do differently.


    As for the video, it's mislabeled. It's a difference in culture. We're not confused by numbers. We just say things differently from those in the UK. Just like we may say baby stroller while those in the UK might say pram. It doesn't mean that the English language confuses us, but our cultures speak differently.


    For instance, in the video when they talk about how to say a year and that in Britain they say two thousand and one but here we say two thousand one. Growing up, I was taught that putting and in there was incorrect English. Our teacher told us that when you write 2001 the word and is nowhere to be found so don't say it. Even so, some will say twenty fourteen, some will say two thousand and fourteen and yet others call it two thousand fourteen.


    The people in the video say they get confused by numbers like fifty six hundred instead of five thousand six hundred. But I'm an American and I say fifty six hundred. I think what a lot of people from the UK and Europe don't quite realize is how large the US is. And it's full of people that are culturally different. Unlike enormous countries like Russia or Canada that are sparsely populated. We speak differently from each other here. There is no set US way to speak. Someone in New England may say soft drink. While someone in the Midwest (Chicago area) might say pop. And someone from the South will call it a coke even if they are talking about Dr. Pepper or some other soft drink. In the South, every soft drink is a coke.


    As an anecdotal reference to the size of our country, in high school, one of my classmates had hosted a German exchange student. On the day before they were to go back to Germany, the family asked the student what they'd like to do before they went back. The student said he wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. The host family said that wasn't possible as it was about a thousand miles away. The German student had no refernce for that because it's possible for them to visit another country on a day trip. They didn't believe that the student was dumb or didn't understand distances, they knew that it was just the difference in having grown up in another place.

  4. She's really not saying anything that people who paid attention while reading the books didn't already notice. She put R/Hr together to serve a plot she had thought out beforehand. And it was a plot that was her own personal wish fulfillment. R/Hr had more to do with her and some lost love than it had to do with the Harry Potter story/universe. The characters got away from her and began to go in a direction she hadn't planned but she shoehorned them into this plot anyway just to make it work.


    Haven't you ever watched a tv show/movie where someone did something that was completely out of character for them? Something to where the character had no reason to do what they did? But the writer makes them do it anyway to serve the plot instead of the character. It makes no sense but the writer does it anyway. That's exactly what JKR did.


    When I first read the books, I think it was pretty obvious that this is what was happening. Although I thought she was doing a diservice to the story and the characters, I figured it's her story and this is the story she wants to tell, come hell or high water, so I just went with the flow and enjoyed the story anyway.  


    It is interesting to play 'what if' and wonder what the story would've been had she been true to the characters. I don't think we would've ended up with a completely different HP story but there would've been some interesting developments.

  5. Ginny Potter nee Weasley, has changed significantly.

    I bet husband Harry is busy taking cover.

    And his patronus is overworked....



    If by "changed significantly" you mean got hot, and if by "take cover" you mean under the covers and if by "patronus" you mean dick, well then...

  6. Agree

    I don't want to sound paranoid, and I'm sure some of this is just baseless rumor, but assuming that's all true, it's a bit disconcerting. I don't really want the kinect on 24/7 monitoring me, even when I'm not playing a game. I heard games were going to be serial coded (or something similar to combat piracy) which I guess I understand, but that's going to get annoying fast.

  7. ^But they're already going to be ridiculously expensive, so why not throw in backwards compatibility to make it worth my many hundreds of pounds! And what about these rumours of having to pay DRM fees to Microsoft before you can play preowned games?


    I think most people who have a 360 will hang onto it so they can play old games. Once the next gen consoles hit the market, you'll begin seeing less and less games for the PS3 and 360. As I understand it, new consoles having backward compatibility is like the difference between a $400 console and a $700 console. I'm sure those numbers aren't exact since no prices have been released yet but that's kind of the idea that's being put forth.


    As far as the DRM and used games, yeah that sucks. MS is the only one that I've heard float the idea of being able to play used games for a fee. PS has made no such statement that I'm aware of. So PS may be devoid of used games altogether in this next generation console.

  8. I've read interviews and stuff from her over the last several years since she's gotten out of acting and always thought she had a very level head on her shoulders. This should be required reading for parents of child actors, parents of children wanting to get into acting, current child actors, children wanting to get into the biz and former child actors who need help (I'm looking at you Lindsay).

  9. i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really super-hated The Men Who Stare At Goats. atrocious waste of celluloid and the people who greenlit this mess, the producers, director, and that insufferable no-acting buffoon george clooney, should get their own special room in hell for wasting about 100 minutes of my life. :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  people have asked me why i watched it if i hated it so much. i had to, because i was seeing this woman at the time, and she picked it for a 'watch a film at home date night', and i guess she had a thing for that smug jerkoff clooney, who i can't stand because he's a lousy actor, his head bobs whenever he reads a line off his cue-card, that arrogant stupid smug sorry excuse of a 'smile' of his, and his incessant running of his piehole about his political views, and this clown didn't even make it out of 10th grade. geez. please shut your face, moron. oh and the 'movie' really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really sucked. do yourselves a favor, and don't even harbor a second's thought of curiosity. you'll regret it.


    You're being very vague. Did you like the movie or not? What are your feelings on George Clooney?

  10. The thing that really bugs me with XBOXOne is the no backwards compatibility, that completely puts me off! It's just another way for Microsoft to increase their already huge profits.


    I'm not completely on board with all of what's been shown or teased for the next gen consoles, whether it be PS or XB. But it not being backward compatible doesn't make MS any more money really. Few of the games actually come from MS. Most are from third party studios. The reason for no backward compatibility on both the PS and the XB is because of the x86 architecture. To make it backward compatible would make the consoles way too expensive.

  11. Emma's a 23 year old woman and embarrased of watching Carrie Diaries? What does that say about me as a grown man watching Carrie Diaries? I never really cared for Sex and the City but Carrie Diaries is a decent guilty pleasure.


    Yep, I read the entire interview and that's what I got outta it.

  12. edit: btw, what's the opinion of you Americans on Emma's accent? She seems to sound a bit different from the rest, maybe overdoing it more, but then that might be what you'd expect of an aspiring LA socialite.


    It's still not "there" yet, but I can live with it. I think she's getting better at it. Part of the willing suspension of disbelief.

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