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  1. Oh, how embarrassing Well sometimes you see what you want to see
  2. Just watched "When Harry Left Hogwarts" and because of the fangirl that I am, I paid attention to Emma's hand and her rings while dressed as the "old" Hermione. At 1.07 sec... is that her wedding band and *gasp* an engagement ring with a blue stone from her hubby Ron? It is the wrong hand though, in England they wear their wedding ring on the left hand ?! http://everythingharrypotter.tumblr.com/post/13082800144/when-harry-left-hogwarts-part-1
  3. I think it is a sweet moment between Rupert and Emma in between takes as well How adorable does Rupert look smiling at her. And look at Emma, I think she is playing with her *gasp* WEDDING ring (You can't really tell, but in my mind that is exactly what she is doing). BTW here is the same pic with another coloring. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltuccurDXO1r3761so1_500.png
  4. Deleted Scenes!!! Lovely Ron and Hermione moment @ 5:55 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DwYR8jubkw&feature=player_embedded
  5. I don´t know if I am blind or something,but I don´t see a cigarette in that pic?! But what concerns me more is your story of the people who died because of a casual smoking habit (which I have, too). If you don´t have anything against it, I would like to have more information on that, like how old they were, cause now i am truly worried. Please pm me if you got the time.thx
  6. Well, please don´t yell at me, Rupert can be with whoever he likes to be with and that´s completely fine. But when i see pics like that all I can think is..that should be Emma *sigh* http://i53.tinypic.com/34td0zl.png
  7. You look so HAPPY there, it is so cool, that you had the opportunity to meet him and being THAT close in front of him! I would be hyperventilating, too, well I would probably pass out in front of him.
  8. He deserves it so much!! Yeyy I am so happy for him! I love the purple on him
  9. I gave it a 6. It was not hilarious, but it was ok. Didnt find the spoiler function, so dont keep reading if you dont wanna know. The short scene with the one dude on coke singing was hilarious though.
  10. best video ever btw I LOVED season 9!! It was hilarious.
  11. I will definitely watch it when it comes out! The critics loved it, so I guess it is pretty great. AAAnd JGL and Seth Rogen together? AWESOME
  12. I LOVE seafoood! But I am basically the only one, my friends and family don´t really like it.
  13. I watched the trailer today and I cannot wait to watch the whole movie. Not just because of Emma, but I am very interested to see Michelle Williams as Marilyn! Hope Emma´s part will give her the opportunity to show her acting skills
  14. Found this video I haven´t seen before and had to share it. At 1:47 the interviewer mentions that Rupert still blushes while discussing THE KISS. Emma starts this cute monologue about how shy Rupert is, about not knowing what he really thinks and then looks down with a smile.. all that without an actual question from the interviewer about Rupert
  15. I have brown hair and dyed it blonde <3
  16. Just watched some Behind the Scenes of DH and I noticed one comment on Youtube, which says that it looks like Ron kissed Hermione on the top of her head on the beach when he comforts her. I kinda see it, but it is so far away. And.. the camera was on Harry while that happened Do you see it, too? Or just wishful thinking? @ 1:56: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-IgBc_uCjE&feature=related
  17. Sry for double posting, but I came across this lovely and hilarious tumblr. If you don´t know it yet, visit it, it´s worth it : http://askthegoldentrio.tumblr.com It so spot on, the answers are so funny and so realistic!
  18. I have never "talked" to you here in this forum, but I hope you will find the strength to go through this and hopefully you will feel much better soon! You can overcome this
  19. The 3 episodes aired not long ago in my country and I was very impressed with the acting and how the story was presented! It made me notice Benedict Cumberbatch and his gorgeous face Any fans of the series, anyone excited for new Sherlock?
  20. @ Mr. Pumpkinhead, beautifully said! I never really noticed it the way you did, but it makes so much sense and I love it! I have a little stupid question: Does anybody know why in the movie the kiss shows Ron on the left side and Hermione on the right side.. and here I see pics of Ron standing on the right side where he is much more.. going at it
  21. Perfection!! How he looks at her lips, she is all passionate.. damn
  22. my shipper heart just melts when I see that <3 the weasley family photo ..omg..how it should be..really..just how it should be!
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