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  1. i went to oz summer 2009 its the best place in the world <3 everyone over there is so chill and friendly, and you can't go wrong with that accent.
  2. okaayy fair enough i love this one <3
  3. retrosexxual


    I really like that 'I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good' idea.. or a snitch. I do want one at some point, but for now I dont really know what i want and im in no rush to get inked.
  4. thanks haha. i love that makeup btw, how long did that take you? ... feli? ohaaiii. thanks
  5. its probably just me getting mixed up with my words... but i mean like when you say you use a canon 85mm lens, is it not a zoom lens? is it set at 85mm?
  6. what lens do you use? & do you do the settings yourself or do you put it on automatic?
  7. & some more i took in the snow...
  8. hah, no im not depressed. ive never heard that before, but now that you mention it they are pretty dark heh. i just prefer darker colours. ive got some photos that arent dark but i dont like them as much. these are a bit more colourful
  9. so.. you use a set focal length? i bought a softbox recentely, but i cant fit it in my room at uni which is annoying cuz ive not really used it much and it stays at home in a box. i love your new ones though.
  10. the first two are really nice. i think you need to tighten up the compositions a little though on the others, but thats just my opinion ayee. (: they're good though, i like the location you chose.
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