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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings Speech won an award. I watched the move last week and it was beautiful made. Natalie Portman I can see winning an oscar she is amazing!
  2. Othersideofsanity I post everything from Harry Potter, Misfits, Skins, Fashion etc.
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    last post of 2010 graphics:
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    CONTINUED: 1 more post to make
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    Name: Roisin Age: 19 (20 this year) Program: Adobe CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator Experience: A long long time Old Beginning of 2010 to end of 2010:
  6. I love this one! It looks amazing
  7. I'm an Aries and I do believe in these kinds of things and also like learning about it all. I like reading about my horoscope despite the fact I don't really see how they can factor in everyone under that same sign. Moon I don't believe in, particularly because the 23rd didn't have one and you can't be that accurate with it a day or more so from your date. It's not an accurate description if it's not on your actual birthday.
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    Ok well the names Roisin I turn 20 this year in March I was part of the forums a long time ago like way back in 05-06 before school pretty much took over my life and I had to give up an online life I've been on DeviantArt for the past two years while I studied Graphic Design (which I graduated from in 2010) Now that I have the time, I'm back on here You can also find me on Twitter So yeah, that's basically about it. Oh and if anyone wants to know how long I've been a fan of Emma... What year was Emma cast as Hermione? I know the answer. So basically since forever.
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    BoMa Graphics

    I really like your style. The wallpapers are really amazing and inspiring
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