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  1. Name: Roisin

    Age: 19 (20 this year)

    Program: Adobe CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator

    Experience: A long long time


    Old Beginning of 2010 to end of 2010:








  2. I'm an Aries and I do believe in these kinds of things and also like learning about it all.

    I like reading about my horoscope despite the fact I don't really see how they can factor in everyone under that same sign.

    Moon I don't believe in, particularly because the 23rd didn't have one and you can't be that accurate with it a day or more so from your date. It's not an accurate description if it's not on your actual birthday.

  3. Ok well the names Roisin

    • I turn 20 this year in March
    • I was part of the forums a long time ago like way back in 05-06 before school pretty much took over my life and I had to give up an online life
    • I've been on DeviantArt for the past two years while I studied Graphic Design (which I graduated from in 2010)
    • Now that I have the time, I'm back on here :)
    • You can also find me on Twitter

    So yeah, that's basically about it.

    Oh and if anyone wants to know how long I've been a fan of Emma... What year was Emma cast as Hermione? :P I know the answer. So basically since forever. :king:

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