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  1. I've always wanted to see it at the theatre, not sure if it will be the same on film :/ my nanna fell asleep watching this on the front row a few years ago not because it was dull but as soon as the lights are low she tends to fall asleep lol
  2. The Santa Clause 1 and 2, I haven't seen 3 but don't know if I'll like it as Bernard isn't in it I will buy the boxset one day for my little boy though Nightmare before Christmas Muppets Christmas Carol I think they're probably my favourites, I've heard elf is really good but I haven't seen it yet
  3. I open the ones I don't know what they are last, so this Christmas will be opening my boots first and then my hairdryer, if I can guess which one it is lol, I like the surprise to last
  4. Will Smith will never age, he will always be able to bring out another series of the fresh prince if he see's fit I think we'll probably wait for it to come out on love film unless the little one wants to see it, we very rarely go to the cinema anymore. I want to see Sherlock Holmes, but think the next thing I see at the cinema will be the avengers
  5. Christmas has officially started in our household now, schools out and Ash had his last day at work today Tomorrow I think we're just going to relax but on Sunday we have a carol service to go to, lunch with my mum and nanna and then we're going to a panto with a few other family members. I can't wait, its going to be so Christmassy We're visiting Ash's parents sometime before Christmas but not sure when and Mack is going to have breakfast with Santa on Friday, so its quite a busy week we have before Christmas, which will be nice. Just hope it doesn't all go too quickly
  6. We'll be opening presents in PJ's we always have done, come down for Santa presents and for people who are there in the mornings presents. I couldn't expect Mack to eat his breakfast and get dressed before opening his presents. I'll probably end up having to rush and get ready before going to my mums for dinner lol. I've bought some new PJ's and a dressing gown especially to wear Christmas eve lol
  7. I welcome this with open arms, but will be very disappointed if Will Smith doesn't release a new theme tune. I would welcome any Will Smith music with open arms as well. I think he should release a Christmas song next year as well, or the year after, any year to be fair but next Christmas would be better, he'd be set for life then (not that he isn't already) I don't see why more people don't release proper Christmas songs, I mean seriously even if its a rubbish song, hello royalties every year when its played again! Anyway back to the topic, yeah men in black 3 is of course going to be gre
  8. Awww thankyou they're all lovely
  9. Yeah, shame they don't keep in touch lol, I should nag my nanna to start talking to her Irish relatives more
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Fairytale of new york <3 But I also really like rock n roll Christmas, all I want for Christmas is you, Merry Christmas everybody, Merry Christmas Everyone, Wish it could be Christmas everyday, driving home for Christmas, Christmas time (Don't let the bells end)
  12. Not met him, but found out recently im related to Loui Walsh, he's my nannas second cousin
  13. Yeah I'm the same as Andrea, I'm rubbish with photoshop....although I hope you realise you've got yourself into it now, I will be coming to you asking for a new sig in January.... Thank you again :3m_sie:
  14. Awww, thank you Jade <3 They're all lovely think I may have to change my sig now xx
  15. That's awful, I hope she's okay, my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. May she return home safely very soon
  16. I love Christmas, got all my shopping done now except for a few bits for Mack and Ash, me and Mack are going with nursery on the 1st December to go see santa that will be fun. Also going to a panto the weekend before Christmas, going with my mum, her partner, my brother, ash, mack, my auntie, my cousin and my nanna, hopefully we'll go out for a meal beforehand and make a nice afternoon of it My mum is taking Mack to have breakfast with santa the day before Christmas eve. Christmas day itself is going to be really busy, we'll spend the morning at home just me ash and Mack and then going to
  17. Yeah, I don't know if I believe you. Surely this is just a conspiracy. As if its been a year! Ahhh well happy very belated Birthday forum *hugs*
  18. Would absolutely love to go, I think he's more set on Japan though, but we'll see. It's not like we're getting married anytime soon lol, so plenty of time to decide on where we'll go for a honeymoon
  19. We're thinking of going Japan, or I'd like to go to Hong Kong, but Japan is looking more likely. Otherwise Hawaii is another option or a Caribbean cruise (although I think we're more likely to go on a Disney cruise with Mack and any other kids we have at the time we go lol, so not really as a honeymoon) There are loads of places we'd love to go though, probably wont know where we're going until we book it
  20. My grandmas used to have tonnes of lego at her house, its still there but its not my uncles, its meant for the kids to play with....which personally I don't think is fair, she bought it for us not our kids :/ My little boy won't be playing with lego anytime soon, just bought him over £50 worth of playmobile for Christmas, but its all knights stuff so that's cool, he can play with that until he's at least 31 right?
  21. I was going to say something very similar....although I think you probably put it better then I would have done.
  22. It's hard to really care about this :/ she said she wouldn't have and even if she did, he's a character, he's my favourite of the trio, but its still just a book. Personally if I were her, I would have considered killing Hermione, but it really doesn't matter who she thought about killing and who she didn't think about killing, she's written the books now, its done and dusted
  23. I haven't made one, lol, but we've had a change of plan and spending most of Christmas at other peoples houses (except for morning for santa presents of course) so seemed silly to make one when we can have other peoples would be nice to have one for after Christmas but depending on how much I pig out Christmas day and boxing day I might have to get seriously back on a diet
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