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  1. That's a shame, I've cut out a lot of alcohol myself lately, I don't tend to drink it anymore, but I will have it in food every so often. I make a lovely BBQ mince with JD in it and a killer coffee and baileys cake...
  2. Me too, can I come round to yours and have some... I made garlic chicken today, it was a bit of an experiment but worked out lovely
  3. ^^it sounds wrong doesn't it? But its not a normal cake, like not a fluffy texture sort of cake. It doesnt go bad because the alcohol you feed it with preserves it. Ive read that if you dont use it as long as you start feeding it again a few months before it'll still be good for next christmas, but I dont quite trust that information :/ If you ever get chance to try one (a shop bought one) I would, they do taste really good.
  4. Yeah you cant do right, I find the moment you get pregnant people decide they can judge your behaviour.
  5. Yeah I was going to reply but this pretty much covers it. I keep mine under the side in a veg basket (the space under the side is for a dish washer but we haven't invested in one of those yet, I don't want one, where would I put my potatoes if we do get one?)
  6. I hate pancakes too, my mum always hassles me on pancake day asking if I'm having them and why not? and its like, I don't like them!!! Ash doesn't like them either, haha match made in pancake hating heaven (although I quite like the ones from McDonalds, with syrup though, I don't understand having them with sausage.) Anyway, I made spicy pasta today... and a cooked breakfast (but is that counted?)
  7. Family life is such a pain lol, it can be so awkward to get the balance right, if you work around each others hours you get to have one of you with the kids all the time, but you don't get to see much of each other which is not good for your relationship. I think whether your both working or only one of you is working you need to look at it as both of your money rather then whoever earns its money, otherwise you would come across a million problems whichever way you look at it. However I know that's not how everyone does it and it does work out for some couples to keep everything separate (
  8. Its a fruit cake, you bake it at least a few months before hand and have to make holes in it every few weeks and add a bit of Brandy, it keeps the cake and makes it mature so it also tastes nicer. I'll have to see when I have some spare time. Most of the recipes say to do it in October, really I wanted to just check if I did it now it wouldn't be too soon. Don't know when I'll make it, I'll just have to see when I have the time and the ingredients in, as long as its between now and October should be fine
  9. No women stay at home and watch the oven....
  10. I've decided I'm making a Christmas cake this year, I've found plenty of recipes and am going to soak the fruit the day before as lots of recipes have had this tip. All I want to know really is when is the best time to bake it, I'm thinking October time, but would it be nicer or not as nice if I started it now. I know you have to feed it every few weeks with brandy after making. Just can't decide when to start it
  11. I don't really agree with any of your brothers points :/ If the marriage splits up the courts will look at the fact that he has looked after the kids ect. and he would have a case for custody, if he did gain custody of the kids then she would have to pay child support. I've heard of plenty of cases where the man has custody of the kids and its down to whether the man has pursued his ex for child support as to whether he gets it from her or not. The courts aren't going to look at a woman getting lots of money and not looking after her kids and say ''yeah but she's a woman she shouldn't have t
  12. I know a couple of people who appreciate Hawk eye being in it..... but yeah he's not one of my favourites, I don't think it will effect the film much though, I don't think he'll have a major role. Hopefully not anyway.
  13. I have the same problem with wide feet Sometimes shoes are fine with me, but other times they're too tight or show my toes. I don't think I have weird feet but they don't seem to make shoes to fit me. So your not alone
  14. I'm very tempted to join, but the thought of trying to remember all the books I've read scares me a little and I don't want to look sad by only having one or two on there :/
  15. Two little girls in blue, mary higgins clark
  16. Welcome back Sam... (I know I've already spoken to you but its official if its in your thread haha) I'm so proud of you as well btw, it must have been tough for you. Glad your being yourself now, you must be so much happier for it
  17. Sounds like something an ugly person would say.... nah I have to agree with whats been said above, you can't label people, yes I've met plenty of beautiful selfish people but I've also met plenty of selfish not so beautiful people as well as lovely people who are also beautiful. You really can't generalise about anyone, whether it be faith, nationality or looks. People can be lovely and people can be horrible, its down to the person that makes them that way though not what they look like or where they come from
  18. ^^Yeah I agree with you on all those points, although I've noticed they've been going that way with a lot of the superhero films (with the weak main bad guy) I can't say too much as you've just mentioned you haven't seen Iron man 2 lol. But they seem to be going for a lot of killing minor bad guys, such as loads of soldiers in captain America and then the real bad guy being killed quite quickly and easily :/ over all though I still really enjoy the films. You do need to watch Iron Man 2 though.
  19. AGHHHHH I took my son to see Green Lantern, it was shocking, his first film at the cinema I think I'm going to lie when he's older and tell him the first one he saw was the Avengers :/ Yeah Green Lantern, not cool oh and another not cool one, the last film I watched 'siren' I would NOT suggest it
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