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  1. Stardettes, why exactly would Putin want to make the Communist Party of the Russian Federation rich? Do you know that Putin is from the United Russia Party, which tends to implement policies of a centre-right to right wing nature; the CPRF polls second place in Russian elections, usually 30-40% less than the voteshare of United Russia. Putin has no wish to make the Communists rich. 

  2. As a Brit, I see the options a bit like "You're going to be stabbed, but you can choose the knife!" 

    I personally feel that Hillary is a corrupt woman with a shady past and is universally loved by the establishment as they all know that there will be no change to the status quo with her as President. Trump is an out-and-out racist, has been bankrupt 4 times and has absolutely no regard for international relations, simply a populist with no real plan other than to build a wall and "make America great again".


    I was backing Sanders, but hey, the establishment don't like him (much the same with Jeremy Corbyn back in Blighty) so he never had a look in.


    Just my two cents. 

  3. I smoke more than I'd like to, but only when I can afford 20 Marlboro Golds, I'm really not keen on any other brands or rollies, and I don't do stupid stuff like sell my belongings to get cigs

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