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  1. Revising some German vocab and helping my best friend with her History assessment question.
  2. Went round to my friend Phoebe's house for a meal.. We got more than a little bit drunk.. We basically sat in her room laughing at stuff that isn't even funny
  3. Favourite drink has got to be Kopparberg Pear Cider And favourite food is definitely EuroShopper Jaffa Cakes, so cheap, such bad quality, but so delicious
  4. Well this was me about a month ago, no longer in hospital, and I can actually eat food, rather than being fed through that tube.. Still not better though, on lots of different medications.
  5. Moving Shadow 01.1 Mix by Timecode (Those of you who listened to MSX FM in GTA III will know it as "Liberty's Finest" )
  6. The Green Mile made me cry, probably the best film I've ever seen, but such a sad ending..
  7. When I'm doing homework, I usually put some fast tempo music on, maybe some techno, euphoric dance, drum and bass. I put that on because it makes me work faster and makes the homework less dull
  8. Be Cool by Paffendorf, serious euphoric dance tuneee
  9. I'm planning on building a little cabin behind my back garden on the bit of land we own..
  10. Well as my birthday is Christmas.. Lots and lots of crap I don't really need, such as an axe.. A BB gun.. Knives.. More combat trousers, new laptop battery... And a bunch of other stuff that I actually can't remember right now!
  11. Just chill in' in ma hospital bed, doctors said I can go home later, finally!!
  12. Next summer going to Dubrovnik with the family, it's all booked (early, I know )!
  13. Can of coke from the hospital shop..desperate for some flavour other than water
  14. I have a black Nike rucksack, simple and easy. Just the thing for me
  15. The insane amount of "Get Well Soon" messages I've had
  16. I'd love to be fluent in Russian, learned the basics, taking it at GCSE now, but would really love to be able to speak it fluently!
  17. I'm currently in my third day of being stuck in a hospital bed, being given antibiotics, antisickness, painkillers and being fed via intravenous drip..
  18. Just got home from collecting my prize for Russian at the school's Speech Day..
  19. This French book (yes, in French) called Aliocha by Henri Troyat. Thought I'd give it a go, I like a challenge, but it's taking me a very long time to read..
  20. Forums, Facebook and that's about it :L
  21. I would happily eat GMOs, but they're not widely available in the UK yet.
  22. There is no actual legitimate evidence that GMOs are dangerous to the planet, or to humans. Admittedly, there's no evidence on the contrary either, but you guys are going to have to accept that more food is needed. The world's population is over 7.1 billion. You try sustaining that amount of people with traditional farming methods. It doesn't work. GMOs are the foods of the future, you will have to accept them into your daily diet sooner or later. And no, Monsanto etc are not "evil corporations" and the government isn't going for the $$$$, the government is being sensible and rational, thin
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