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  1. If I was in Emma's position, lots of money and a wealth of cars to choose to buy, I'd go for a Merc. They are so nice, the interiors are sleek and stylish, as well as the exterior.
  2. I went to the Paralympics, it was the most awe inspiring thing ever, blind long jumpers, blind runners, and seeing paralympic records get smashed, was one of the best days of my life!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY! Hope you have a great day across the pond
  4. Yeah, it's a bit big, but by god is it warm!! Oh really? Never knew they used DPM for a while!
  5. World Book Week was last week, always dress up on a school day and give money to Book Aid International! This year I went as a Soviet soldier. Not in full costume here, just the bulk of it (ushanka and a Czech military surplus trench coat) but on the day I wore a green shirt underneath the coat, a pair of DPM Combat trousers (not really Soviet, but the most militaristic thing I could find), my walking boots, and a green wrap around scarf. Got numerous comments about how good the costume was, and even got one from the head of drama
  6. The first three NATO phonetic alphabet letters that popped into my mind Delta Foxtrot Lima
  7. I'm a bit late, I know. Of course my heart goes out to all those affected by the Connecticut shootings. I just want to leave you with this 1 statistic In the US, for every 100 people there are 90 guns. In the UK, for every 100 people there are 6 guns.
  8. One of me wearing one of my christmas presents, rugby shirt!
  9. Don't often take pics of myself, but as I haven't posted one for a while, here ya go!
  10. Vermin Supreme has got to be the greatest man of all time, his election pledges: 1) He will fully fund time travel programs and he will go back in time and kill the infant Hitler with his own bare hands. 2) Zombie Preparedness, when the hoards of living dead are attacking you, then you'll be glad you've got him in charge! 3) Mandatory tooth brushing laws 4) FREE PONIES FOR EVERY AMERICAN! xD
  11. Got to love the Russian developed RPG on Reagan's back as well...
  12. awww, Joe's turned into a stupid 13 year old bimbo, like lots of the girls i know!
  13. Comrade Chris


    Been drifting from dub recently, getting more into trance and drum n bass, still listening to dubstep, but nowhere near as much!
  14. In bed, with an injured neck and a nasty cold, both of which from rugby
  15. The soldiers that a fighting out there won't give a monkey bollocks as to whether some document was leaked, all they care about is getting out of their shitholes of bases and arriving home to see their families. A leaked document about an air strike or two isn't going to make the blindest bit of difference to the security of an infantryman patrolling the villages of Afghanistan.
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