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  1. no problem thanks for the tip!!
  2. it looks amazing love this effect!!
  3. Noticed that the outtakes above are from tumblr and pretty edited so here are the original ones!! click to enlarge:
  4. I think i'll change my icon again haha so amazing pics<33 another one from her facebook page
  5. they are amazing but i love the third one the most, everything fits perfectly!!
  6. Love the right pic so much!! gorgeous<3 can't wait to read her section!
  7. i'm speechless lol you're freaking creative and talented!! im done
  8. Sorry for quoting old designs but these two are so creative, i love them<3
  9. oh my!! amazing walls and looove your new set<3
  10. they look so flawless, especially the last one<3 great job
  11. amazing retouch and stunning wall<3
  12. This kind of photos are always in that 'bad' quality unfortunately, probably they don't want to waste time on edit every single pic of every celeb they photographed lol...btw great job, love how clear it looks
  13. nice, i think you could've add some text on the left side, too ;p oh im not sure if i saved the psd of it :\ but i'll check on Monday!!
  14. omg i love it<3 I adore Tangled!!!
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