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  1. No,no,you're not ranting,I completely understand your point. And don't get me started on people tryin' to convert me. That's why I said I don't discuss religion. I mean,I'm one of the 4-5 percent (true fact!) of people (in my country) who consider themselves atheists. Ireland is one of the most 'religious countries' in the world. And the reason why people think you're weird and crazy for being religious is the same old. Lack of understanding and tolerance. People like to believe that they are in the right when in comes to their beliefs and views. Well,most people. They think it's not normal,
  2. Hey mate,we can be united,a whole team,an army even,SHE WILL DESTROY US! Never underestimate the power of an angry woman!
  3. What are some of those stereotypes? No,really,I'm really interested,cause I don't know any. Look mate,I see and treat religious people like they are normal even though I oppose to them. As long as they don't try to push their beliefs down my throat (like I don't),I have absolutely nothing against. Like I always say,you can believe in flyin' pigs for all I care,as long as you leave me out of it
  4. HI5! P.S. Dina's gonna eat us alive!
  5. I'm an atheist,but I have no clue what are stereotypes about me. Since I refuse to talk about religion. It always ends the same...not good! And that being said,I have no clue why I posted here...
  6. You did,and it's appropriately named 'The lazy song' It certainly doesn't! I speak sarcasm as a second language!
  7. *gives you a nice,big hug* What's with the new username? Or better yet,what does it mean?
  8. LOL all you want,but unfortunately it's true. I think you even gave me a theme song about my laziness We haven't talked in a while cause of the summer break,but now I'm back and we'll catch up in no time And,after reading your characteristics I can definitely say we're one mind! <3 This!
  9. You know that morning,when you wake up and say to yourself 'this is the day I stop drinking'....
  10. Best: -friendly -honest -loyal -open,non-judgemental Worst: -stubborn -lazy -very inappropriate at times (don't know when to shut up) -impatient -I get bored very easily Best & Worst: I'm a pro at being indifferent!
  11. You're more than welcome to come and live with me! And,as for my perfect living destination,any Greek island!!
  12. Greek! And,Dina,if you're reading this by any chance,no 'funny' faces or facepalms!
  13. Packed my bags! Summer vacation!!!!!
  14. Not sure exactly,but around 190cm.
  15. If we take in the consideration that I'm Irish,we would come to the conclusion that I was born drunk...so,I guess for me it would be an awesome sight!! So,few shots of ouzo for you and we can enjoy the sight together!
  16. That part had me on the floor laughing!!!! Can you imagine those two together?! Oh my,it would either be the coolest or the most disturbing sight in the world ....it's a fine line!
  17. Yeah,that's better! Have you noticed my incredible tan? Yeah,I vacationed in that Icelandic volcano...very good spot for smokin' hot tan! And,a lot of people seem to be impressed by my moves...aside from my decent paycheck,I get very good tips! But for you,I'll dance for free if you bring that knife...in case you haven't noticed,I'm very much into the S&M scene!
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