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  1. Thank you Chris! :D How was your New Year's?

  2. Aw Chris, thank you! Merry (probably late now) Christmas to you too!!! :D

  3. I'm great! How are you!?!?!!

  4. Of course I do! Hello!

  5. Of course I do! Hello!

  6. That's nice, just a smiley face haha. :D

  7. I'm sorry it's been so long.. Good to hear from you too! I'll give you a hug for your birthday. :P

  8. Muscle cars, really Chris!?!? Well. I don't know that I have that exactly.. We'll see. Do Hot Wheels count!?! :D

  9. Which means what exactly? :P

  10. I dunno.. Random thought? :D

  11. When's your birthday again? :P

  12. THANK YOU!!! Thomas.

  13. THANK YOU!!! Thomas.

  14. THANK YOU! *delayed* >.<

  15. THANK YOU! *delayed* >.<

  16. Hey only a little!

  17. Hey only a little!

  18. Why are you good? :D

  19. Why are you good? :D

  20. Hahaha hay dude! How are you?

  21. Hahaha hay dude! How are you?

  22. That's awesome Chris!!!!!!! And yep it's getting warmer here too. :D

  23. Haha you saw me? :D I am great! How about you?

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