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  1. Hahaha, you did much better with the history than I did. I would have googled it last night but...I was too lazy :P I'm a lot more patriotic now than I was before about the national anthem. I used to not really care but now I pay attention to it and at least give it the respect it deserves. I hate most modern singers' versions of the national anthem - JUST SING IT, they don't have to make it all fancy! It really bothers me lol.

    I know! I mean, no doubt some of these singers have great voices, but I think National Anthems sound so much better when they're just sung.

  2. Wikipedia definition of "Third Culture Kid" is


    Someone who, as a child, has spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than his or her own, thus integrating elements of those cultures and their own birth culture, into a third culture.


    So, to make a long story short, I was born in India, moved to Canada when I was almost a year old and lived there until I was 6 before moving back to India for a few months. My family and I then moved to Uganda, which is where I grew up (aged 7-18) and now I live in America.


    Even though the statistics here were taken from U.S. TCK's, I find them very easy to relate to.


    Although I'm very proud (and always will be) for being a TCK, I do experience reverse culture shock when I go back to Canada.


    I admit I am posting this topic because I'm feeling pretty homesick right now :ph34r: but is anyone, or does anyone know any Third Culture Kids?

  3. Cute picture! :P


    You look great!

    I like your fashion style. Very nice






    ALSO! Very rare opportunity! You get to see a photo of Fat Joe, when I was 13

    I'm sure I'll regret this but whatever

    That's from my Mission trip to Fiji, we got in trouble for that, because your not meant to let your heads get touched by someone else or something...?

    I remember you telling me you were a fat kid, but you don't look fat here haha xD still adorable!

  4. My friend has some sort of a parasite in his stomach. He got it when we lived in Uganda and he was still there...something like 7 years ago. It's almost been ten years and every month he has a day where he just...barfs. It used to be worse though - he used to be sick every other day, it slowed down to a week and now, like I said it's once a month. I think he'll probably have to go through that his whole life because it hasn't stopped. He was recently sick about a week ago. So, the poor guy has thrown up countless times in his life >.< even before the parasite, he was a kid who barfed easily xD


    I think I've been sick at least 9 times in my life. :ph34r: It's obviously not a pleasant experience, but I have a fairly strong stomach and can handle other people puking.


    Another friend of mine had just done some strenuous exercise in P.E, drowned a full bottle of water, and before we knew it she was sick right in front of me. And it didn't even bother me much O.o


    The when I was in Zanzibar on a school trip, we went out in the ocean on little boats on a day when the weather was terrible. Pretty much half the people in my boat were throwing up. I didn't know why I wasn't getting sick :mellow:


    Reading in a vehicle makes me feel nauseous, but I've never been car sick before.

  5. I just wouldn't, it's just asking to be bullied going out 'tarted up' as everyone around here says. xD I'd go to a little party like this, maybe if I had the confidence. Hair and make-up like that and a dress or something. But I wouldn't wonder the streets like it. xD Thank you though! xD



    I hate my freckles. :)

    But freckles are so cute!!! We all love your freckles, Jade :D

    Another thing I wish I had, but they'd look so weird with my skin tone O.o



    no but seriously, looking good :)

    xD! Thank you.



    What did I do now D:


    First time I've ever done my hair and make-up. xD I quiet like it, wouldn't have the confidence to go out like this though. O.o



    EDIT: Oh anyone like my hair colour? I dyed it 2 weeks ago and now it looks like this. :P

    ohai, you're really beautiful and I like your hair and your eyes, and your freckles are adorable and you make me feel like mud XD kbai.

  7. you're cute!!! and i met tom felton too!!! isn't he such a sweetheart?!?!


    here are two pics i took of me and jack (my current boy interest haha) on skype tonight. i think he's too cute! i told him i would sneak pictures...he didn't think i would hahaha.





    Does he go to your school? :o



    Don't mind my roommate's bed in the background :ph34r:


  8. If there's a topic likes this already, feel free to close it.


    So, I'm a Freshman in College at the moment and I've found that my eating habits have changed quite dramatically.


    Away from home, I feel like I should watch what I eat more, since I'm...on my own. Also because some of the things people manage to eat in the cafeteria every day are pretty bizarre - I don't think I'd survive eating burgers and fries for lunch every day :lol:


    This summer I decided to stop drinking soda and stick to water instead. I wasn't much of a soda drinker before, but I thought it would be a good start to to try and be a little more healthy xD and for the last 3 weeks since I've been at college I've been eating a lot more vegetables than I usually would eat on a daily basis.



    Did your eating habits change, or stay the same? Tell meh! :D

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