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  1. - Went to my first class - Had lunch - Went to my second class - Got back to my dorm
  2. - This sweater. Same brand, but mine doesn't have the pocket. - A pair of grey denim shorts from Bluenotes (looked on the site, they aren't there anymore) - Owl Necklace from Forever 21
  3. So glad they stopped slicking her hair back in photo shoots xD She looks gorgeous! I love these pictures
  4. Talking to my mom on Skype. "Hello" "Hello?" "HI!" "HELLO?!" XD
  5. ty (: You're beauuutiful Thank you! My hubby is adorable
  6. Packing to go "home" this week end.
  7. 1. Just had a warp, but could probably snack on something else
  8. Why is she so adorable? And I agree with Jade - the dress is really nice!
  9. mischief.managed

    I Hate

    People behind you in a queue who talk about really annoying stuff.
  10. I want oatmeal but I don't have water or milk. -.-
  11. When I'm in Pennsylvania. When I'm in Uganda. I miss seeing a banana plantation every day
  12. <3 Sure! Just PM me with what you want
  13. ^ Thank you! I made some graphics out of the "Wonderstruck" fragrance ad. I hate perfume, but I like the ad haha.
  14. Waiting for the rest of the family to get back.
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