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  1. I think that's because English 101 is an intro class, usually.
  2. ^ Other people implied it, that's kind of why I started a new line.
  3. I'm guilty of cheating on tests, but I'm not at all like this :/ Sometimes you just forget material or didn't study enough on some points. We're not all stupid with no morals.
  4. Although I don't cheat on tests and quizzes anymore, I did simply because I didn't know the material. Now if I don't know something, I just don't fill the answer in because I don't want to look stupid putting in the wrong thing :/ I know that in itself is pathetic, but I can't help it.
  5. So freaking pissed off at him. So what if I didn't say hi? Wish he'd grow up.
  6. I wasn't being rude to you. Suck it up and quit telling mommy. You're 19 for crying out loud :/
  7. She looks great! I wish I could look like that getting off a plane xD
  8. omg you're so pretty, ashley!! love the blonde in your hair
  9. Zanzibar (already been there, but who cares haha) or somewhere in Brazil. I wanna go to Brazil so bad!
  10. ^ I haven't technically "met" any! Haha. I don't mind though
  11. Haha, she is really good in front of the camera! But I guess being an actress makes that much easier for her. As far as the premiere pictures go, there's hundreds of different cameras going off at the same time. So something could look like a pose when it wasn't meant to be one
  12. But you liked the one I posted on Facebook. O.o
  13. - O Holy Night - Silent Night - O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Away In A Manger - O Little Town Of Bethlehem That's all I can think of right now, but those are definitely some of my favorites!
  14. ^ :3m_sie: Bored out of my mind.
  15. Aww, you're so pretty! My school has a christian fellowship and they went on a retreat at the end of October too!
  16. Cute, but I wouldn't do that xD
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