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  1. This is pretty dang good looking forum XD


    pourlove: You are stunning!

    Joe O'Connor: Well you look like the most awesome person to hang out with haha

    Anna: Gorgeous as always (:

    Mrs Duck: I honestly wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said your hair matched with your curtains xD but it looks really good, you're one of those people that can pull off crazy hair colors like that, and you're pretty.

    Shou: Not a huge fan of anime but that convention looks coolio!



    I took this today, and I look pretty washed out because the flash was on. My cat's lower half decided to be part of the picture haha.

  2. @Sam: That happened a lot to me, the fact you're sleeping but not. That you want to wake up but you can't, like someone is holding you down or something. I really hate that when it happen, it's really scary.


    as for my dreams, sometimes I remember them and sometimes I will be like "what was that again?"

    Yeah, that's exactly what it felt like. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose had it.


    I think thats because when you sleep, your body just about completely paralyzes itself. So you were probably at that stage but semi-conscious too?

    Probably. I'm convinced it was either sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming :blink:



    So last night I had a dream that my best friend was murdered. I hate sleeping :sob:

  3. I took a nap about an hour ago and I had one of those weird dreams when you physically cannot get yourself to wake up, even though you know you should. It took a good 5 minutes for me to be able to move. When I woke up I just started to cry because I was so scared :mellow: Has anyone had any of those?

  4. by the way, I don't spend ages on each picture, I just think "that could make a good picture, CLICK" unless the light is bad, then I spend a while adjusting the settings.

    I think it's great that you an eye for being able to distinguish what kind of pictures would look good, and what wouldn't. The thing is photography is really all about light - it can make or break a picture. A lot of professional photographers will say you cannot edit a bad picture to make it look better and this is very true. If the light just doesn't hit the jackpot, do not take the picture. The more you practice in better light, the less you will need to rely on photoshop to fix lighting conditions. Photoshop should be used as a tool, not what makes the picture - that's your job :) Sorry if I sound like I'm ragging on you as if I know everything, when I don't. I'm an amateur. You are talented and I can honestly say that I love your owl and landscape pictures, so keep it up :P

  5. ^ ahaha big kid? :P

    That's what I write liiiike when the bell rings and you have to run quickly to another class room (b/c the building is big) OR what is more important, dining room! That's how everyone acts like when it's dinner break "FOOOOD!!!" xD and who cares about hw then :P

    Yeah, like adult "big kid" haha. That's still pretty good for rushing XD You can barely read my handwriting when I'm in a hurry.

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