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  1. To get to my school, you have to drive on really bumpy dirt road and pretty much every morning my brother and I get stuck behind a car that a snail could outrun. Yeah, dirt roads are hard to drive on but you're never gonna get anywhere if you decide to be mad slow. Then there's the taxis (which are more like large vans) which stop in the middle of the road to pick up/drop someone off. They're just always in the way, especially when you're trying to get somewhere.

  2. @ Dina: Ahh you're too cute! And I really want your hair haha

    @ Jade: Thanks hun, but you're still gorgeouser (I know that's not a word...) XD

    @ Emma/Lu: Looking pretty pretty :]


    Woo! you look awesome! Ready to deal some Pain!



    C'mon man, do it! It took like 15 photos to get one of me that I liked! Throw away your pride, no one is here to put you down!

    And to stop me sounding like a hypocrite, heres one of me


    I have no idea why I look South American :blink:

    You're adorable! :o




    I got bangs..and now I don't want them XD


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