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  1. Played the drums a lot in my freshman year of high school, but I stopped. I've been playing the guitar for a little over a year now. I used to play the piano when I was younger...I quit, and now I wish I hadn't <_< I sing as well, but only for my own entertainment XD

  2. Have you been talking to my mum?


    My mum is like that with everything, she winds me up because she wants to use the internet and can use it but insists on asking me to walk her through everything. The best is when she is on the phone and she'll just say ''what do I do now?'' or ''what does that mean?'' ....I don't know I can't see your screen over the phone!!!

    My mom does the same thing :/

  3. @ Vanessa: Gald you like them :)

    @ Marta: I use a standard Canon 18-55 mm and a 55-250 mm lens.


    Sorry for the lack of updates, it's only monday and I still have a bunch of school work that I need to do...I'm so mad at myself right now <_<

  4. @Sammy: you're drop dead gorgeous!

    @smartgurl: awhh you have such a sweet smile :3

    @Roni: you look lovely. Looks like you had major fun!




    Gosh... I envy your hair! *________*




    *Sammy - haha yeah, thats me ;)

    long time ago ppl told me that i look like avril lavigne :mellow:



    *some more of myself :D




    @ 130671 You look like a model, beautifull pictures


    Let me post the first blond picture, as in my hair colour :P I have to apologize for the small-ness

    @ Dina: I remember you, thanks :P your hair is mad cool btw.

    You guys are all really pretty! :)

  5. I'm not so much a TV person and whenever I do watch something it's always National Geographic/Animal Planet haha.


    I've only seen one episode of House. It was the one Tyson Ritter was in at the beginning (lead singer of The All-American Rejects) and it was about the photographer who was pregnant but chose not to abort her baby even though she was told it would kill her. I really loved watching it and Hugh Laurie is pretty funny :P

  6. Emma is and always will be the perfect Hermione in my eyes. Normally when I watch a movie I can think of other actors who could replace someone in a certain role, but in my opinion no other actress could breathe life into Hermione like Emma did. Just as other people have said, once the HP era ends, I'll be really excited to see her in other projects and continue to grow as an actress. :)

  7. Canada? Cool place! I'd like to go there some day. And Uganda... I don't know about that but it seems cool, isn't it?


    Haha It's a spanish Tongue-twister, and means: As I eat little coconuts, I buy little coconuts

    It's in East Africa and it's a very cool place :P Where are you from?

  8. So here you can post pictures of your pet(s),or if you don't have one then you can post a picture of what you want as a pet :P


    I temporarily keep chameleons as pets when I find one because they aren't the easiest things to take care of. I let this one go after a few days



    This is Ted, we've had him for a bit more than a week now. He just had a bath in this picture



    I've got a few other pets but no pictures of them yet.

  9. It is a cool way! xD By the way, where are you from?


    Oh oh! Does someone have something random to share?? Something like: Como poco coco como, poco coco compro ? xD

    I'm from Canada but I've been living in Uganda for a while. What does como poco blah blah blah mean? XD

  10. :mellow: 6`6"



    Really? I am 6`7". I am taller :P Who is tallest man on this forum? I think it's me :) Or maybe here is someone with bigger height? If it so it's possible what I am 6`8" now - didn't check my height for a long while...

    WHOA you guys are mad tall :mellow: that's ok though XD


    I'm 5' =/

    Haven't you heard the saying "good things come in small packages"? :P

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