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  1. Ah ok! I'm "hyper" only at home xD And you are great! Look:


    - This forum is totally great

    - Users are great for being part of this forum

    - You are an user

    Therefore: You are great! ;D

    Haha well I guess you could look at it that way :P

  2. *Imagine - 2nd one is nice :D


    *yorkshire post smth neeeeeeeew :P


    *Chesong - i want to go on the beach *______*




    my picture you can see in my signature :lol:

    That's you in your signature? I thought it was an actress! You kind of remind me of Bonnie Wright :D your eyes are very pretty.



    @ 130671: HAHA! Yes it is me, thank you :lol:

    @ NobleManiac: Thank you so much...and in all honesty, I think I'm average looking XD

    @ Black Tiger: lol, I'm adopted so I don't know who my real mom is.

  3. Thanks everyone!


    @ Imagine: I was using a Canon EOS 450D from August 2008 up until July this year, so most of the shots on my dA are taken with that but now I'm working with a Canon Rebel T2i which is basically an upgrade to the one I had before.


    @ Marta: I shall keep that in mind ;)


    Yes, her name actually is Lights, it was Valerie but she legally changed it a few months ago.


    I only just discovered who she was in July. The first time I heard her, it took a while to get used to her voice, but I think the way she sings really suits the type of music she does. I also like that her songs are original - if I'm not mistaken she wrote a song about World of Warcraft (she absolutely loves gaming) called Lions, and her newest single My Boots is a "winter jam" (she decided to write something about winter since there are already so many songs about summer) where she basically sings about her boots letting her enjoy the snow. :P


    In such a short time I've come to like this girl a lot. Here's some links you might want to look at:


    Official Website


  5. Thanks everyone :)

    @ Imagine: Yes, I love Swifty XD and Innocent is a beautiful song.

    @ Jon: You seem pretty nice to be glad someone's back even if you didn't know them haha thanks :lol:

  6. @ Will: Thank you! :D

    @Marta: Oh, thanks for checking it out! I see where you're coming from with the eyes - it definitely would make a difference if I had focused on them (that's a self-portrait so I just held the camera out in front of me and took the picture using auto-focus). :P

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