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  1. ^and you're gorgeous yourself! your hair I envy

    Thank you so much :3 but that's my old hair D:


    stunning like always sammy (:

    extmerley jealous like always :sob::P

    thanks hun, and don't be jealous EVER xD



    Aww, you're so adorable!


    Haha You said you liked it last time I posted pictures. I looked like something from the beatles! xD

    You look very cute here!

    Ah well, I never ever seen a bad picture of you :P

  2. Hmm...I've never seen ANYONE live so here we go:


    Avril Lavigne

    Audrey Assad


    Brandi Carlile

    Brooke Fraser

    Carrie Underwood

    Casting Crowns

    Chris August

    Chris Tomlin

    Christina Perri

    Family Force 5

    The Fray






    Miranda Lambert

    Mumford &Sons

    Owl City





    Taylor Swift

    Tenth Avenue North

    Thousand Foot Krutch


    Went through my iTouch and decided which ones haha xD

  3. I've been told it my whole life. I guess it just stuck with me. xD

    I might be getting my full fringe put back in, though I had serious issues with it when I last had it. xD

    Then i'm dying it black/purple just in time for christmas.

    Aww, well you're not. AT ALL. :3m_sie: Can't wait to see your hair :3


    Jade this is so stunning! I've commented on it on Facebook but omg I could say it again :D


    Recent one of me


    You're really pretty!! I like your shirt btw :P



    This is a few months old. I miss my hair being like that. Maybe I should have just stuck with 2-3 inches off of it >.<


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