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  1. ^you dont need makeup to look gorgues :)


    Aww, but I do haha. Water is great! XD


    ^ Yeah, the pic is b/w only but I was wondering where's the difference between makeup and no makeup?

    It looks pretty much the same.


    My skin is pretty bad and I have dark circles around my eyes. The webcam didn't pick this up haha.



    I'm the brunette ^^



    Me and my dad in italy earlier this yr



    You are very pretty!! :D

    ty (:


    Okay, I say this forum deserves an award for having such good-looking members. =D


    I haven't posted here in a while, but here's one of the pictures my brother took of me. He's a photographer and he liked the braids my friend did for me. He also asked me to look 'sentimental' which I completely failed. <_<

    You're so prettyyyy. Honestly, you have like perfect features. I'm jealous D: haha.


    you look gorgeous!!


    here's a new pic of me and my best friend :)


    You're so cute, Ashley!!


    You look so pretty!

    Thank you :3

  2. Personally I wouldn't dance like that, 'nor have I seen anyone dance like that. :P I'd like to see how that scene fits into the movie though. O.o


    She has a nice dress on and cute heals! As for that kid, ew.

    You know it's set in the early 90's right? lol

  3. Looking great! Love the hair!



    :D But the dog is Definitely cutter than me!


    Also, Do I look older than 18? People seem to think I'm like 20 or older! o.O I'm sure I don't look older!?

    Yes, I've posted this pic before but its the best recent pic of me.

    Cutter? :P you are cuter than the dog. End of story haha.

    And I told you this a while ago, but you look younger with shorter hair. In that picture you look 18-19 :D



    Yeah, so I'm not wearing make up :ph34r: and yes I like water xD

  4. you're beautiful!

    Aww, thank you (:



    Thanks Sarahhhh <3




    And don't you forget it! hahaha



    Nice shoes bro! haha




    I had a small black and brown lying across my laptop. Was making life awkward. Now hes in a ball asleep beside me. Dogs FTW.

    Can't decide which one's cuter - you or the dog.


    I'm thinking the doggie :P haha I'm kidding! You's very cute.


    not the hottest but Oh well!!








    Oh, Sarah, why are you so adorable?


    me and my sister:




    me and my friend travis :)



    You and your sister are very pretty! Love the flower in your hair btw.

  5. ^ Yeah, we had a housekeeper too and we still do. My dad travels internationally for work and my mom is always out and about, so that was how I grew up!


    I'm in PA right now, and from what I've seen, gas isn't pumped for you :P haha. I'll learn one of these days.


    Back in Uganda, we'd get school off because of riots and stuff like that.

  6. I think that aside from one or two Indians, your the only main one I know



    I'm with Joe. You're the only one I know.

    Well now there;s Arie :D


    AH SAMMY ME TOO!!!!!!!! I never knew there was a word or anything for it. But, this is the story of my life!!! Except that two of the cultures are similar.


    For my WHOLE life I have been bouncing around between England, America, and Israel. I was born in America and lived there till my mum died when I was nine. Then my dad decided that he wanted to move away for awhile so we moved to London. We kept the property in America since all my family lives there. So I traveled back and forth a lot. When I was younger for periods of time we would live in Israel and then when I was older same thing. I lived in Israel for 2 years on my own. We own property in all three countrys still. I am currently living in America in our first home. Now it belongs to me and this is where I am going to stay. MY dad is still living in London for the time being. And, I visit Israel frequently.


    I would say that the American and English culture has A LOT of simularities. There are big differences too but still things are similar. However, Israel is completely different then both. I am all three. I consider myself all three. And, it is so weird!!! Because I am so different from everyone I know!!


    Sometimes I do experience culture shock in America. Because where I live is a wealthy area and people just are so materialistic. They have so much stuff. Its not like that in England or Israel. Well in England more so then Israel.


    Now that I know that there is a real term for what I am. I am of course proud!!! Thanks for sharing this with me Sammy!!!

    I think of of the downsides of this is that as a TCK, I'm very dependent...I don't really know what the average American teenager knows about some of the most basic things; I can drive, but I don't have a license, I've never had a job, I've never pumped gas at a gas station before (in Uganda, people did it for you), I can't cook to save my life, I've never done the laundry, and I think I'd get a panic attack going into a bank xD So I'm pretty amazed when I see kids my age doing that.


    I guess it's true that while TCK's are usually more "mature" than non-TCK's, it does take longer for us to grow up in the real world.

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