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  1. My BF absolutely LOVES the BBC version of Top Gear, and when the USA version was released he got me into it as well. I'm a car chick so recently I started catching up on the BBC Top Gear. Gotta love it!

  2. I am such a die-hard Gleek. I remember when they did that pilot for the very first episode and I actually thought it was the beginning of the 1st season, but it wasn't and I have to wait forever for the season premiere. I have yet to miss and episode!!! I'm actually watching it right now :)

  3. I used to be a part of the emmawaston.net forum but I just noticed my link to the old forum doesn't work? So did they do an update and totally revamp the forum? IDK

    anyways I have to re register but I'm back!!! I go by Jeanna, 21 years old. I love Emma for her fashion and style she is such an inspiration and one of my favorite role models

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