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  1. J@nd@


    Yeah ''Sound&safe'' the song is amazing !!
  2. J@nd@

    Favorite Books

    Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban The DaVinci code-Dan Brown The Lost Symbol-Dan Brown Angels and Demons-Dan Brown
  3. No. Where Are you now -Justin Bieber
  4. J@nd@


    I am obsessed with her music , I mean what is even better than The Story Of Us ?
  5. I am addicted to : Gossip Girl Glee Friends The simpsons
  6. No ... I was born on October ... June?
  7. J@nd@

    Avril Lavigne

    I like Wish you were here and Nobody's home Avril is great
  8. Americano-Lady Gaga (YEAH). U got it bad -Usher Cry me a river -Justin Timberlake
  9. Friday - REBECCA BLACK This song is the funniest thing I've ever heard I mean c'mon Yesterday was thursday , thursday WE , WE , WE so EXCITED
  10. Angels - David Archuleta Thriller-Michael Jackson Empire state of mind - Alicia Keys ft.Jay-Z and Lady Gaga's Born this way
  11. Yes Who Says -Selena Gomez
  12. It was Lady Gaga's Born this way
  13. NO Tim McGraw-Taylor Swift
  14. congratulations everyone ...
  15. Gossip Girl is great , even Emma Watson loves it , I watch it all the time ...
  16. NO Common Denominator -Justin Bieber
  17. J@nd@

    Michael Jackson

    Featured in a new MJ musicvideo? this is amazing ... MJ is the best ..... I LOVE THRILLER , it's the best album
  18. Okay people , what do you have against Justin Bieber ? he's talented , I know he's not very cute or ...or his hair... like most of the girls say but , JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT GAY ,need a prove , he is dating Selena Gomez at the moment , and Taylor Swift is very nice , have you aactually tried listening to her?and Justin Bieber has songs almost like Michael Jackson's song , Lady Gaga is a human by the way , Katy Perry is special the ''not good'' atrists are : Ke$ha Jonas Brothers Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez DON'T KILL ME I THINK WHAT KESHA DOES IS TALKING , AND ALL THE DISNEY STARS AREN'T THAT
  19. J@nd@

    Michael Jackson

    Billie Jean is the best , btw nice banner
  20. J@nd@

    Katy Perry

    I am still shocked,E.T music video with Kanye West is a little weird
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