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  1. that boy don't know what he wants to say if emma can say it's cute what's his problem he needs to get over it. it"s just a kiss we been waiting over 10yrs for
  2. i love rupert and emma but why is he going back on his words about the kiss making it sound so awful. one of my friends that don't ship anything at all, was just talking about them because she was bored saying he probably trying to hurt her through his word because they probably have a thing going and all that rumour between her and johnny was going around the internet, an all it probably got him mad and hurt he is showing it threw his words she also said look how fast emma and her people quick to deny that she is dating that johnny guy and when last i heard about rupert and that other
  3. ^when i keep looking at the movement i swear she kiss him but i could be wrong but i also love how the sis/bro comforting each other
  4. i reads in the seventeen mag what emma wants looks for in a guy intelligents, kind and humorous is rupert i hope rupert is at least one of those
  5. your funnny sorry for the double post: This is from the Q&A from yesterday: http://twitter.com/#!/CINEMANIA_ES/status/85428964465717249 "besar a Emma me costó mucho", cien rupert Grint: "pero le diste un beso muy largo", apunta uno de los phelps Something like this in a free translation: "to kiss Emma, took much out of me" said Rupert "BUT you gave her a very long kiss" pointed one of the Phelps" So... hehe. is it from when they where doing the chatlive think
  6. the twin busted him, i would love to see his face right now . he remember about the kiss but don't want to speak on it and how the hell you erase it from your memory when it's all the reporters are going to talk about. i guess i can be a girlfriend for rupert cause what he looks in for a girl is fun, funny and a good dresser.
  7. but he just had to add the sister comment
  8. maybe they are saying rupert and emma got a thing but throwing geogia in the middle. i know the papers are writing about them but are they still together even if they are keeping it private don't you think someone must see them somewhere i am just saying
  9. ^when i was watching this video with the friend she ask me if they are a couple because they are sure acting and looking like one and this girl don't even watch HP at all and all i said is i wish with a big kool-aid smile
  10. her face was priceless when she was talking about the chickens
  11. did anyone saw the video interview she did for vogue where she said she got chickens for her 21st birthday she asked for and she wants to name them ralph and lauren
  12. i love these video's, but what i love about the second one is when they both where doing a interview and instead of emma saying ron is in love with hermione she say's rupert and rupert say's emma is in love with ron instead of hermione it just put a smile on my face there subconsious are speaking
  13. i think she got a man already but keeping it on the downlow this hold thing about her being single and people rumouring her to be dating johnny reminds me of when she was dating jay but in the secert before it went public i could be wrong .
  14. after tomarrow we got one more month left be4 we get the goodies
  15. smiling like that could never be a feeling of incest towards each other could never be they may not be together rite now but there is some attraction between them and they both know it . i really believe they like each other but scared to make the next move cause there no brother and sister look on that picture
  16. ^they where secretly flirting with each other
  17. ^that was so cute on the second video was rupert rubbing on emma shoulders with part of his right chest cause if he was that an't no fiendship rub that
  18. i have been on this forum but never join but now i did, i have been a hugh rupert and emma fan since 2007. i just love them i would love to see them together but if they never get together now but still be close friends i would still love them cause you know later down the road best friends becomes great lover . @emmafan we all know they have not shown it in public or seen yet but whats in the dark must come to light but then again it's your opinion . i think they fancy each other but afraid to take the next step of more then just friends cause they don't want to loose that close friend
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