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  1. POA!I fall in love since when...
  2. Life won't wait for you - Ozzy Osbourne I watch it all change, take the news of the day and throw it away. Time will kill all the pain, faith will cure the decay of all this blind ambition; the greed brings us together. Stay strong, stay true, be brave - it all comes down to you. Tried to just let it go know that justice moves slow but it comes in the end Rise the guilty will fall stay they can't take it all they want the unimportance it's love they leave behind Stand up, stay true, be hard - the future looks to you Every second you throw away Every minute of every day Don't get caught i
  3. Universal


    My favs are: Metallica Ozzy Osbourne Therion Aria Scorpions Rage Judas Priest
  4. Ozzy Osbourne - Life won't wait for you
  5. Universal

    I Want

    I want to live in London...
  6. Universal


    Running it's my passion!Every day at 6 o'clock in the morning I keep my shape...
  7. Alexey Bulgakov - Master and Margarita
  8. Scorpions - The best is yet to come
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