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  1. thanks Carlyn!! and thanks for Harold xD Crapmuffin- Thanks
  2. Well I still say that DH 2 should have at least gotten more nominations (espically Best Supporting Actor for Alan Rickman). Now PoA wasn't Oscar worthy, and don't get me wrong I am a Harry Potter fan, but I deff know PoA wasn't really that great of a film and I can understand why it didn't get any major oscar nominations.
  3. haha thanks dork and yea ardi its today, lol
  4. lol thanks jonjon and ok we'll go to biscuit world just for you xD
  5. your welcome!! and thank you!! I'm hoping I have a good birthday as well! like I said in the comment, don't party too hard!! ;D
  6. Happy Birthday Kim!!!! Hope its a good one!!
  7. well my plans fell through for the Orlando Trip, but me and my cousin are planning a 2 week trip to London (with a Day trip to Paris) in summer 2013.
  8. I think its fun, but thats just me
  9. there is already a topic on Pottermore, you can go here
  10. hey guys, check this out!! click here
  11. I actually find the dueling pretty fun
  12. he is dead, there were pictures of him in his casket or something on the news this morning
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