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  1. the war is over, but were still fighting terrorists. but the main war is over.
  2. how exactly do you know if this was true or not? there is no proof whats so ever, nothing on the news, there would have been an Amber Alert and there wasn't, one of my friends has several friends who are apart of the New York police department and they haven't heard anything about this incident, and if there was a ransom involved the FBI would have been involved and from their website there is nothing about the kidnapping in question. So again I ask, were is this proof that it actually happened? Because I'm not the only one who is questioning this. Sure no one was hurt which is a good thing, b
  3. Looks like My Week with Marilyn was just nominated today for Best Picture for the Golden Globe awards
  4. my favorite movie I'm watching Ghost Adventures
  5. happy birthday Kim!!! hope its a good one!!!
  6. yea it is a fun game, already have the new one at 100% and all the achievements unlocked
  7. creating a website for my html class (my final project). Has to have at least 5 web pages.
  8. 2 Pints

    my photos

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTMpuN31AF0&feature=channel_video_title I know this isn't a picture, but I spent 3 hours on this video (its one of my final projects), and just thought I would see what everyone thought
  9. and don't forget he was also one of the co-founders of Pixar Animation RIP Steve Jobs, and thanks, not only for the apple products but for also bringing us Woody, Buzz, and all the Pixar characters
  10. happy birthday arie!! hope its a good one and good luck on your exam!!!
  11. I wish January gets here! that season finale was just wow, lol
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