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  1. someone has already made a topic about this..
  2. hey arie, whats your username so i can add you?!
  3. thanks I'm in Hufflepuff
  4. yea that sucks, i was in the middle of doing Diagon Alley and it went to another page saying the site was unavailable and my username is WolfSun47
  5. sorry for the double post but i just got my email! woot!
  6. freaking lucky!! i wanted to go on opening day oh well i guess theres always this friday! The Day After Tomorrow
  7. feel like i'm never gonna get my welcome email >.<
  8. you also forgot to mention Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
  9. I love my xbox and also have kinect for it, and its fun. I actually think that the 360 is way better than the PS3, and I'm not just saying that because I love xbox, but because I did have a PS3 at one point, and I didn't like it one bit.
  10. those are pretty good tommeh
  11. yes sometime in October, Pottermore will be available to everyone.
  12. lucky, i'm still waiting on mine
  13. No Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum
  14. 2 Pints

    my photos

    haha yes they are jonjon! i have to draw for class and what not
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