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  1. glad its the weekend, but sad that its the last weekend of summer vacation
  2. Yea macs are expensive, but they are really worth the money, I haven't had problems with my macbook, and now I have to get an iMac for school
  3. yea its a paid theme, but i don't remember how many microsoft points it was :/
  4. 2 Pints

    I Hate

    I hate wasps and hornets
  5. well we moved about 3 weeks ago, and i finally got the internet up and running, so now i can show pics of my new room
  6. talking to sarry and playing Halo Reach on multiplayer
  7. Just sitting here with my friend planning a trip next summer
  8. Lol the only wedding I went to was my cousins and I was 6 then I skipped my other cousins wedding because I wasn't feeling good plus I don't like who he married.
  9. Haha yea math does suck! And awe arie, I'm sure everything will be fine!
  10. Ill be starting my 3rd year of college next week, and I no longer have to take math or English! I'm excited
  11. I think I'd either like to be in either gryffindor or slytherin
  12. Yea I'm really excited too!!
  13. Was that a good movie? Nightmare on Elm Street (the original)
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