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  1. I love it with the jacket...however, if the skirt was shorter and she wore ankle boots or high heel boots, then she would look phenomenal!
  2. Her hair is growing pretty fast! She looks fabulous. Although, I am not sure if I am a fan of those heels she's wearing. Reminds me of something Lady Gaga would wear. :-/
  3. First choice would be my e-hubby, 13067! I would also like to meet Antares, Arie, Dax, Elena, and Mr. Pumpkinhead. Also, he's no longer on the forums, but I would like to meet WhereverIWouldRoam.
  4. -Drinking Rockstar energy drink mixed Svedka vodka -Looking at dresses online for engagement party -Surfing through this forum :]
  5. Make sure to tell your father "thank you" for not drowning you when you were a teenager!
  6. Like anybody else, I don't know for sure what happens after I die except that my body and organs decompose. There's a theory that the energy inside us never dies or gets lost. It just turns into another form of energy or it converts to a lower form (i.e. less powerful form) over time. People that have been classified as "brain dead" have shown to continue to have brain activity that resembles the ripples of waves on an ocean, but which is not sufficient to power the brain to wake up. It is also common for brain dead people to move their limbs - as fading electrical impulses circle throug
  7. Drinking a screwdriver (aka orange vodka) and just relaxing. :]
  8. Well, since Emma's been attending Brown University (Rhode Island) she might've mastered their accent (a.k.a Eastern New England accent). However, they are different compared to Minnesotans (a.k.a Upper Midwest accent). We'll just have to wait until the trailer comes out and see.
  9. This topic is not for the faint of heart or those that are not legal to drink. Haha. So what's your favorite drink? Do you only drink at parties/clubs or do you enjoy drinking by yourself and relaxing? Do you know any delicious recipes that you'll like to share? For me, my favorite drink is Irish Car Bombers which is a mixture of Guiness beer, Baileys and Jameson (anyone feel free to correct me on the last one). I do enjoy drinking in my home while watching shows or reading a book (mostly for relaxation), but I mostly do the drinking at a house party. I can't think of any recipes to sha
  10. Anything seafood. Which is ironic because I grew up in an island, haha.
  11. I agree about Chic-Fil-A and Wendy's. They are the seriously amazing...yet so bad for you if consumed every day. Does Chipotle count as fast food? If yes, then they are seriously my #1 choice. I'm obsessed about their steak bowls. Too bad they are expensive. Every time I buy there, I end up paying around $10-$11 because I always order extra steak. Haha.
  12. I usually eat first, then drink. I don't drink too much, however I should get in the habit of drinking more water since it is good for cleansing.
  13. I love thrillers and I am so going to look forward to this film. I'm also curious how Emma is going to pull off the Minnesota accent. I must admit I thought her acting was great in Perks, but the accent was not as good as I would hope. It was too stressed and unconvincing. However, she's probably gotten more training over time. Hopefully this will be different.
  14. Current Events, Girl's Forum and Movies/TV forum. :]
  15. Pretty much the Pokemon and Super Mario Bros franchise.
  16. I would say rarely. Recently, I've seen a few movies here and there, but overall it will be a few times in a year. I think it's a combination of me not having enough time (work and school) and just not too many good movies out there. :-/
  17. -Game of Thrones -Hannibal -Sleepy Hollow -Breaking Bad
  18. Szechuan grilled chicken with white rice and broccoli. So delicious! Wow, this looks amazing! I bet it tasted divine. :-]
  19. I can't imagine anyone disrespecting you in this forum, Jade, you're too likable. But then again, I'm not around here too often to get to know everyone. You will surely be missed! You should stop by and say 'hello' once in a while. I really admire your work too, by the way. I'm almost inspired to work on my Photoshop skills. That is if I ever get the time. :]
  20. Currently, I'm admiring her hairstyle during the photoshoot for W magazine. :]
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