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  1. *hugs back* How are ya? I hope you're having a great weekend. Just finished up 3 online quizzes I had for one of my courses. Trying to get ahead of the game!

  2. *hugs back* It was a b**** having no power! D: And since I'm such a scaredy cat, I'm afraid of being alone in the dark so that's when I called my pops. My folks asked me to come over to be safer, but I can't leave my home alone especially when the roomies are gone. It wasn't just the storm, Phillys got a high crime/burglary rate.

  3. ¡De nada! Tu capacidad de escribir en español es muy bueno. ¿Cuántos años llevas aprendiendo? ¿Qué más te gustaría saber? Esa persona de la República Dominicana debe ser un pariente mio jaja porque yo soy de Cuba!

  4. Added you to my sig, by the way

  5. Ah que bueno! Felizidades, chica! Arroz con pollo sabe muy delicioso. El otro dia mi mama me cosino posole y estuvo divino jajaja y me lleve unas cuantas a mi casa.

  6. Ah, bueno en ese caso deberias ir a un restaurante para primero probarlo y si luego te gusta, lo puedes tratar en tu casa (bueno, cuando tengas tiempo, chica) ;)

  7. Ahaha, oh my that's funny! It's actually getting a bit cooler, I suppose because fall is approaching! At least you were not in Arizona this summer, girl. It was dread awful HOT. Not humid (what a relief) but the heat is unbearable. It made me miss Philly. :[

  8. Already did ;) Love the ring! =D

  9. Are you going out of town for the holidays?

  10. Being a judge...would be...pretty badass. Haha, but the road to become one is very long and difficult, from what I've read/heard. Oh well, nobody said life would be easy. ;]

  11. By the way, lovely avatar. It's cute and holiday appropriate. =D

  12. Chrisssssssssss! <3

  13. Dear Karen, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years, and hopefully this new year is starting out great for you. =]

  14. Do you also go to uni, by the way? I don't recall if I've ever asked you that...And as for your question, the username derives thanks to my friend. One morning we were having a bagel breakfast sandwich from Einstein Bros, and he starts playing with his food pretending the 'bagel of death' was going after my soul. So I loved the sound of it after that, haha =P

  15. Do you own a forum? I thought I read that somewhere in your message. Hope you're doing fabulous, by the way, haha =D

  16. Evening, Jon! Hey it's absolutely no problem with me and I'm sure it won't be for Chris either. We've actually thought about expanding our family! Haha, so I'll go ahead and add you to my sig. :-)

  17. Felix cumpleanos, Karen! Que te la pases bien!

  18. Good afternoon! =D Oh did you get a promotion or something? Packing and then unpacking is so annoying. But it helps us with exercise. =/

  19. Good to hear from ya, dude! =D

  20. Good to hear you're doing well. :) I just had lunch with my family and tonight I'll be having dinner with my best friend, her family, and our other friends. It'll be good to see them, I haven't seen them since I was on hiatus...thanks to school, haha. :)

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