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  1. Chrisssssssssss! <3

  2. How've everything going for you? How are you doing in your new job, school, etc? Good to hear from you! <3

  3. Sarah!!! D: How are you, darling? (feeds Sarah crackers) I've just been busy with midterms (thank goodness they're over) but finals are approaching. So, in essence, it's been a stressful semester.

  4. Do you also go to uni, by the way? I don't recall if I've ever asked you that...And as for your question, the username derives thanks to my friend. One morning we were having a bagel breakfast sandwich from Einstein Bros, and he starts playing with his food pretending the 'bagel of death' was going after my soul. So I loved the sound of it after that, haha =P

  5. Hey how are you?! I know I'm super late replying to your comment, but I've been super busy with the midterms. Now finals are coming so it's getting a bit stressful!

  6. Oh and you'll have to forgive me for replying so late. Midterms have been kicking my butt this semester, but that's squared away. Now I gotta worry about finals (eek!) How was your midterm and how are you doing (overall)? :)

  7. Hola, hola, Karen! Estoy de acuerdo contigo cuando dises que la malloria de la gente prefieren visitar Espana en vez de los paises Centro y Sur Americanos. El dialecto sera un poco diferente como el acento, pero todavia hablamos Espanol, jajaja! :)

  8. Te refieres a Kim de este foro? Que padre estara! Jaja, pero si estas curiosa en estudiar el espanol especialmente en otro pais definitivamente recomiendo que vallas a Espana. La mayoria de la gente siempre va a Espana para estudiar el lenguaje y no solo eso tambien tiene mucha historia. =]

  9. How are ya? Hope you're having a fantastic day =}

  10. Okay I resent the message, haha, it was giving me an error. First one said it was "Array" and then the 2nd time I tried to send it it said I had too many emoticons on my message. *rolls eyes*

  11. What are you up to all day? I'm just enjoying my espresso coffee, hopefully it'll give me enough energy for the rest of the day.

  12. Karen, so sorry for the late reply! =[ Estuve muy ocupada trabajando en mis tareas y en el trabajo. Normalmente esta es la temporada en que mucha jente estan ocupados como locos y locas! Como te va en tu vida? Ojala estes bien. Abrazos y besos!

  13. Hey! =D Yeah, I know I should probably be more punctual replying...haha. How are you, by the way? Hope life is treating you well. I replied to our private messages, by the way. =}

  14. Ha! No worries, I'm not always prompt answering messages. =P

  15. *hugs back* How are ya? I hope you're having a great weekend. Just finished up 3 online quizzes I had for one of my courses. Trying to get ahead of the game!

  16. Being a judge...would be...pretty badass. Haha, but the road to become one is very long and difficult, from what I've read/heard. Oh well, nobody said life would be easy. ;]

  17. Hey there! Sorry I haven't replied in a while, hope you're having a great weekend. I think it's great you're going for Spanish and Child Development. Especially with Spanish (I believe it's ranked 2nd or 3rd most used language in the States) it guarantees you'll get a higher paying job because you're bilingual. :]

  18. No problem. :] I agree; usually the last 3 months of the year are the best around the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...ahhh, love those 3 holidays. Oh and let's not forget our birthdays! Haha.

  19. By the way, lovely avatar. It's cute and holiday appropriate. =D

  20. Evening, Jon! Hey it's absolutely no problem with me and I'm sure it won't be for Chris either. We've actually thought about expanding our family! Haha, so I'll go ahead and add you to my sig. :-)

  21. I love politics, as well! =D I was going to do Radiography, but I decided to do political science as my major and perhaps a medical degree for a minor. I would like to be a lawyer, perhaps a judge. :)

  22. Top of the morning, mate! =D

  23. Yep, I've noticed that. =) That's good though; I also go to university, trying to become a radiologist and minoring in political science. But I think I might change my major, or more like switching it.

  24. Do you own a forum? I thought I read that somewhere in your message. Hope you're doing fabulous, by the way, haha =D

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