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  1. Emma

    BoMa Graphics

    Do I need to repeat time and time again that my twin is awesome? No? Well, I will nonetheless: My twin BoMa is awesome.
  2. She looks gorgeous as usual and I love the fact that she is wearing a shirt.
  3. Toy Story 3 banners: They are simple but the colouring is lovely and they are so adorable! Lea Michele wallpaper: I don't like it, I'm sorry sweetie. I think the font needs working on, and the whole thing looks a bit unfinished to me. Keep it up bb, can't wait to see more of your stuff. xoxo
  4. Emma

    BoMa Graphics

    Lovely Britney retouch sweetie! It is amazing as always. They are right, perhaps a tiny bit less of yellows, like thisclose but you know. You are too good! xoxoxoxo Love ya and cannot wait to see more stuff from you!
  5. Gorgeous pictures bb! You know I love them. I wish I was there to help you out with the make-up and do some insanely cool stuff together with you and Denisse.
  6. Emma

    Sourburst Graphics

    Very nice ones sweetie! I like them.
  7. Nice new ones dear! I would strongly recommend though to not get stuck with one font. For instance, your last banner looks a bit technologic because it has some sort of robots. Okay, so think, what type of font works with the style or image I am showing? Should I put colour into it and where shall I put it so it doesn't take away from the original design or be completely out of place, but complements what your design already has? If that makes any sense. It's all about practice and trial and error though so don't worry bb. Hope I helped!
  8. Emma

    Marta's Art Corner

    Oh sweetie, I could say this a gazillion times but I truly admire your Photoshop skills in this. It's fantastic. Keep it up, you know you have a fan in me.
  9. I love sending and receiving letters from foreign people, and exchanging different interesting things from each other's culture.
  10. I am actually excited about Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbossa. No one gives him as much credit as he deserves because everyone is so focused on Jack or the former Will/Elizabeth couple. But he is quite amazing and totally hilarious in my eyes. The trailer is not disappointing. It will take some time to get used to the change of cast but I hope it's good.
  11. Emma

    BoMa Graphics

    Because I miss you and love you so much, I made a banner and av out of a GORGEOUS Emma wallpaper of yours. I hope you don't mind! <3
  12. Omg those are so cute! Btw Andrea, did you buy only the sweater or the hat too? And recently I bought this pair of jeans (they look dark blue in person) and this pair of short boots which I adore!
  13. Emma

    BoMa Graphics

    Great great retouch, especially the second one. I love the whole face retouch and the eyes, but not exactly her eye make-up. Awesome job nonetheless twin! xoxo
  14. Loved it! Thanks so much for sharing!
  15. Emma

    Post Lyrics Thread

    Alejandro Sanz - A la primera persona A la primera persona que me ayude a comprender pienso entregarle mi tiempo pienso entregarle mi fe yo no pido que las cosas me salgan siempre bien pero es que ya estoy harto de perderte sin querer A la primera persona que me ayude a salir de este infierno en el que yo mismo decidí vivir le regalo cualquier tarde pa' los dos lo que digo es que ahora mismo ya no tengo ni si quiera donde estar el oro para quien lo quiera pero si hablamos de ayer es tanto lo que he bebido y sigo teniendo sed al menos tú lo sabías al menos no te decía que las cosas no e
  16. Hey everyone! Can you suggest any great Harry Potter quotes to put on a T-shirt? I love Dumbledore quotes by the way, so perhaps can you suggest from him? I want to customize a white V-neck t-shirt for the Deathly Hallows premiere. I am quite excited about it! Thanks in advance! xoxo
  17. GO MY TWIN BOMA for the amazing banners! Love them all!
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