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  1. I'm in! Feel free to friend-request me. QueenRain44 Ravenclaw!
  2. Probably when I was younger, but not so much now
  3. I have blonde hair, and I dye it lighter. I'm one of those girls who wishes she were a brunette. My pale near-invisible blonde eyebrows prohibit that though, and it's a little disappointing.
  4. I love being on my campus, I love being around other students just as eager (okay, perhaps that's not possible - I'm a bit of study freak) as I to learn, focus and get my education. It's the environment I'd rather, instead of sitting at home on the computer. The thing is that that isn't possible for everyone to accomplish. Some people cannot afford the tuition, residence costs, etc., that comes from going to a proper university. Online courses allow folks who don't have the same blessings that some of us do to take the courses, get the credits and still have the opportunity to learn and be
  5. Yes to the dress, belt and accessories (apart from the shoes - those are a no)
  6. I got a little freaked out the forum turned all piratey. But I loves it!
  7. Ugh, I'm with you there!
  8. Cried while watching The Lion King 3D at Mufasa's death. Not just a small tear, but overflow. Haven't cried in a movie since the "running tap" that was DHP2
  9. Thanks everyone! I remember you, Lindy!
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