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  1. Thanks I figure that Steph would like them since she a big fan of Lily Collins... Now some Mandy Moore Icon set 1:( the coloring I'm using is the one I use back of the animation icons such as shrek, tangled, & so many others that it just made the icon look good.some may say that they might have too much color that i'm using now but I'm the type of person who loves colors I think it pops it out in a good way continue enjoy it:
  2. Thanks so much guys it means alot to me so now some Lily Collins Icons:
  3. Thanks I made some icons in memory of Robin Williams set 1:
  4. This is a dedicated thread to honor and will remember Robin Williams the greatest actor of our time. He passed away yesterday at noon he was 63 yrs old. More info read the rest of the article on here..http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/11/showbiz/robin-williams-dead/index.html?iid=article_sidebar..
  5. New Icon coloring( I think I made this type before but i saved it on my hard-drive didn't know I still had it):
  6. Thanks so much I made some Emmy Rossum Icons enjoy:
  7. here you go is it okay if I made an icon banner set for you....
  8. Yes of course .. just put in your request I'll definitely will make it for you. I made some icons of Britney,Christina, Jessica, & Mandy enjoy:
  9. Love the last one its my favorite.
  10. Thanks here are some more of GOTG icons:
  11. Thanks so much guys... I made some artwork of the guardians of the galaxy (don't worry I'll make some more later if you want):
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