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  1. Hello! I wanted to wish Rupert a happy birthday.


    And I also wish to convey from Soul Sister the same thing. Her computer crashed today, so she asked me to post that from her and to add that Jen did an AMAZING JOB with that video. It's fabulous! And we both hope that Rupert will fulfill his destiny. :wub:

  2. So, anyway, I think this GIF (from Tumblr) more than anything convinced me.



    It's like Rupert is going for a group hug, but Dan and the other guy channel him right over to Emma. I mean DUH!


    Someone else posted this on Tumblr which is very cute as well.



    They look like they're posing for wedding pictures. ;):lol::P


    When do you all think they'll come out as an item?

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