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  1. Haha, you guys, I always come here completely heartbroken and sad (I can't contol my feelings sadly) but then I come here and see your beautiful posts and idk, it always lights me up. I agree, if they're really daing, then I don't see it lasting as well. He's in US and Em's in UK and Em's previous distance relationships never worked out so yeah. I want to see rupes happy. I want to see Em happy. But the pics bother me a little bit and I think they make each other the happiest anyway! And btw, when I saw the pics, I thought the same thing. or maybe it's just because they didn't notice the pap
  2. I just saw the pics of Emma and Johnny kissing and hugging. :(
  3. HEHE, OKAY, THANK YOU, I DO FEEL BETTER! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would never give up on them though, never ever. I do believe that what's between them is real and I think and hope that one beautiful day, they will get it together but this kind of stuff always scares me so much, you know? And then I saw a picture of Emma and this Johnny guy and I didn't know if it's an old pic or not but it all scared me. It may be because two bad news of today: Em's not attending TCA so it mean no pics with Rupes and second, well, this text, hehe.
  4. It's strange.. Rupes said they all will attend and than Em left US and now she's already in UK. Maybe there just were some family problems or something like that but it just is strange, she was in LA for so long and she leaves now when it's only one day from the TCA where she was nominated. And here is a text that got me all depressed and the info might be old but I have never heard it before so I'm very very sad right now. Here. I'm really sorry if it's old. Please tell me it's an old info!
  5. I definitely agree! I actually saw a lot of people on tumblr saying that and I also saw that this girl is planning on writing a letter to the director of the film with a request to cast Rupert.. I'd be the happiest person alive if it works out!!!
  6. Yeah, lots of people didn't, it's because there were too many links and everything was confusing. Ughhhhh. If you want to, you can watch the hug here, they're replaying it. Here. I need more picccccccssssssss please. Ugh I hope more goodies will pop up later but I doubt that.
  7. Okay, so the premiere was well.. nothing like the London one. At all. BUT have you all seen the super cute hug of our couple? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT AGAIN.
  8. Very close to her chair area, Rupes He's totally checking her out, right? These are taken by this person And I just bloody love them aaaaaahhhhhhh
  9. Too bad, so I guess they weren't in the same room for the interview But Rupert did ask that question and Emma said something like "Of course Rupert will ask such a question" and then she gave us a diplomatic answer, you know. It's all making me confused haha so I guess we just have to wait till the interview really comes out And another thing I heard, the trio should descibe each other, Rupert said about Em that she's caring ans she said about him that he's eccentric and that she would love to visit his house. We'll see what comes out of it as true, but I just can't waaaaaaaaait.
  10. Yeah, at first I thought they weren't going because there was all this info about Rupert and Matt going on Daniel's show and Emma going on Broadway as well but just on another show but then people started saying that they saw them sitting together and that they will post pics later. Btw I don't know if it's a rumor or no, for now it looks like it might be true but the interview from today, the trio one, Rupert asked Emma who she likes more, if Dan or him
  11. Thank you for welcoming Yeah, you're totally right. I've always been crazy about RE, but this week especially has been one of my craziest shipper weeks ever. This premiere was golden and I hope the NY one will be half as good. Hoping for many moments between RE of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And I think our trio will be interviewed tomorrow so we have a big chance of getting something tomorrow. And maybe even today if only people would take photos of RE going to see Dan on Broadway TOGETHER.
  12. Hey, I'm new here but I've been lurking a lot, hehe. I just love you guys and your love for this ship so I also love reading your posts and today I was like, why not join. So I joined. Have you read these btw? It's all from today. “Emma will also meet up with Rupert Grint, who landed in ‘The Big Apple’ hours before her, and the pair will then watch boy wizard co-star Daniel Radcliffe performing on Broadway.†Link and this one from a magazine: Interviewer: Back to girls: Rupert, give me the bottom line on Emma Watson. You must have had a crush on her when you first started fil
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