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  1. Hey Demian, that's a little bit like me . I'm not obsessed with tigers, but I'm very much fond of them. I didn't see many documentaries though. However, I have 9 representations (maybe a bit more) of a tiger just in my room including a pillow (I'm not sleeping on it, it's too disgraceful to this animal ) and 2 big cuddly toys (I know it's not very masculine, but hey, whatever ) About a year ago I started to love snow panthers / leopards also. They are SO uniquely beautiful! And rare too, on extinction, unfortunately. In general, I adore big cats
  2. Snow panther, definitely (also known as snow leopard)
  3. IMHO, another marketing thingy just to harvest MORE money. Graphics? Not many changes since COD4 (COD MW). Campaign? Another scripted linear story. Could've made a DLC, would've cost less for players. Multiplayer? Same gameplay with minor innovation. Personal conclusion: make a DLC, not another game. Little evolution for enormous amount of money and worldwide buzz.
  4. I have been several times to Barcelona too, and this city is just exceptional. The people, the athmosphere, the city life, night and day, it's awesome. The places I advise to visit are La Rambla, Parc Güell, Tibidabo, Sagrada Familia, the harbor (especially at night) and THE center of Barcelona: Plaça de Catalunya. There are also many buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí, the renowned architect of Barcelona.
  5. I think one of the most important things that make me happy is when my girlfriend is paying attention to me and cares about me.
  6. Yep, totally. And my birthday too, the last time I celebrated it (with friends and all), it was 2 years ago. But I don't regret it neither. It's kind of become normal.
  7. "It's like using a Mac instead of a PC, you're not different, you're retarded." - Read somewhere on the Net. "When someone loves you, the way he/she says your name is different. You know that your name is safe in his/her mouth." - Again, can't remember where I saw it.
  8. There's a short animated movie (15 min) made by Blender Foundation: Sintel. It's completely free to watch or download. I found it quite captivating. You can watch it on YouTube: .And download links on the official site: http://www.sintel.org/wp-content/content/download.html. As for the movies that you mentioned, I know only Shrek and The Swan Princess
  9. Estoy muy feliz por mi querida (I am very happy for my sweetheart )
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w04xmH2SOLA
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