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  1. Rickman without a doubt. His acting as Snape is the best.
  2. He is kissing my future wife. If I evervmeet him, I'll kick him in his balls!
  3. She don't look 19 years after at all. Really dissapointing.
  4. How could we know if she is? If she is, it probably is a secret.
  5. Writing an email to DICE (a game developer in Sweden).
  6. Yes. Would you go and cut off your arm (but survive) to meet Emma?
  7. Everyone have right to opinions, but I disagree with Kellys opinion.
  8. Hell yeah! Would you swim in the middle of the atlantic ocean to meet Emma?
  9. No. Im not criminal. And I don't think Emma would meet me if I rob a bank. Would yiu smoke marijuana or something like that to meet Emma?
  10. No, we do not have death penalty here in Norway. But I can sure you that when Breivik is out of prison, he will get killed.
  11. But there are really small chances that she reply you. I don't think she will respond on Twitter either because, after what I have seen she have bever relpyed a fan on any social website.
  12. Yeah, it can't be that creepy? Would you sitt and watch the worst movie you know 29 times in stretch?
  13. I have also experienced lovenover the Interbett without meeting the person personally. So you are not alone.
  14. Most of us boys in the forums love Emma watson (I think).
  15. Accoriding to an interview, she tels she bought a car. So yes, she has a car and can drive.
  16. Every single website and forum without emmawatson.com (which is build by Emas assisstanta and teams) are builded by fans.
  17. I hate the guy!!! He just commited that the killing was gruesome, but he needed to do it. If he ever goes free in Norway. Im 100% sure that I and all Norwegians wants to kill him. These days and the coming weeks will be really sad for me and my fellow Norwegians.
  18. Hope I get my answer soon, but like I said, Emma is on vacation (Emmas assisstant said that to me). But right now. The only thing I care about npw. Is my country, the tragedy and that my country will have really sad times this entire summer and in many weeks (I still cry).
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