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  1. OMG, she's beautiful, she's hot and she's such a good actress! Can't wait to see the movie <3
  2. I'm in love with her dress <3 She looks absolutely stunning. And I really like this "rock n roll" style, actually, in InStyle she said that short cut had made her braver with her style. I think that this outfit is the best proof She's not dull, good for her
  3. Yes, is it. Unfortunately, it's extremely hard to find reliable articles, journalists are concentrated on sensations, they just want to get people's attention. Well, but I'm sure that Emma will prove that she's someone more than just Potter star
  4. OMG, I just love her outfit! *_* <3 Her style is great Media's stupid, we all know it
  5. Love her dress! She looks so pretty and these photos that were removed... stupid stupid paps!
  6. These photos are stunning, they show perfectly two sides of Emma, whose's beautiful and strong young woman as well as a tender girl... Awesome photos, love them all.
  7. Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Antony&the Johnsons <3 quite crazy mix and Frederic Chopin as well. wich is unreal, unfortunately
  8. Soo, maybe some Polish music This is the band called Czeslaw Spiewa (eng. Czeslaw Sings and I love them! They're really popular in my country http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA2FwdNzokA I also really like Polish band called Myslovitz, unofortunately they don't play together anymore. they're billant <3 one of their song with english subtitles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YtBFZeWrWI&feature=related enjoy. Polish is simply beautiful
  9. GreenGirl

    Green Day?

    Just look at my nick I'm not a big fan now, but 3 or 4 years ago I was nuts about them. Well, but "green nick" stays on I have a greaat affection for their music <3
  10. I'm majoring in romance studies (french precisely). Actually, i'm not majoring yet, I'll start my studies in October... and I really enjoy it
  11. According to the article: Kelly Osbourne=reality star, Emma Watson=actress, so I think everything's clear Kelly just wants to draw the attention, that's the only way for her to gain popularity. Her father's music was great, but well... she's only a daughter of Ozzy and Emma is a young, beautiful actress with many possibilities for the future and of course she has her own style and that's the most important thing which gives her right to make mistakes
  12. I'm from Poland and I think that in my country knowledge of languages becomes more and more important. The most popular language teached at school is English, of course. I started my English education in nursery school when I was 6 years old but it was something unusual in that times. Nowadays the situation is extremely different - the best example is my cousin, whose's 3 years old and she already has her English lesson in nursery. Children are teached to count and recognize the colours in English, which is quite crazy - I remember the period when my cousin counted better in English than in Po
  13. thanks yees, I belive they're happy together they look cute
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