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    So, everything a human beeing in this extraordinary position can do is to COPE with such situations in a personal way. We are still discussing the WAY, this can happen and we have different point of views. But my point of view does not implicate that I AGREE to that behaviour, for heavens sake. Is my english so bad or does some people her simply not want to understand me??????

    You keep supporting the paps saying they can do what they want because the british law doesn't prohibit it and you keep saying that Emma should be careful of how she walks and how she gets out of a car, and if she doesn't well that's her FAULT and that she SHOULD smile to all these people who don't respect her because she's not a normal person, because she has some sort of a contract that she HAS to tolerate all this because she's a public figure. And then when we ask you, you only say "does what I say imply that I agree with what the paps do????" Well, yes it does.


    I'm not saying that the paps are going to stop harassing celebs, or that any person will stop harassing a woman on the streets based on what, we over here, say. But what we can actually do, and be "we" I mean "you", is to stop trying to justify the paps and their behaviour towards any celeb, based solely on the fact that no one will ever stop them or that the celebs had it coming!

  2. Oh for crying out loud, stop with the "it's not prohibited by law" excuse. Forget the fact that they're celebs, forget the "british law", what's your opinion as a human being about this situation discussed above? Do you think as an effing human being that, since it's not prohibited by law, these pictures are okay to be taken without the permission of any woman no matter what the age? Do you support this? Do you think it's their fault? Do you think they have to act like cautious little robots, or like dolls with no will of their own, smiling to everyone who asks them to, so they are not sexually assaulted, or criticised? Do you?


    Bullying is not prohibited by law as well. At least not yet. So it's okay to bully others, right?




    On Emma's 18th birthday, she was violated by someone taking photos up her skirt, and likewise on pretty much every woman's 18th birthday they are opening themselves up to a world where people think they can just take what they want, when they want it. Whether it be men groping on a crowded train, or groups of men following you down the road at night making comments-- it's a very real problem that MANY women face. I'm not famous, and I have had groups of drunk men yelling at me and chasing me down the street. It has nothing to do with fame, it has to do with being female-identified in a world controlled by white cis-gendered males who have every bit of power in the world (not hating against all of you, since many are lovely, but there are those ones that ruin your stereotype for you ;) ).


    There is NO REASON why any woman should have to "learn to exit a car properly." All of us should REALLY be able to walk around COMPLETELY NAKED without fear of being assaulted. That should be a basic human right. If you think it's just the "famous" people being called a slut or a whore and having their personal space and right to their own body invaded to invoke a reaction then... wow. I mean, at least Emma has the protection of a ton of witnesses and enough lawyers to sue the pants off anyone who might touch her, but that still doesn't undermine the fact that she has been PUBLICLY ASSAULTED. :angry:


    A- effing- MEN to that. You may not see me, but I'm hugging the screen right now.

  3. and opposite of gorgeous... i always hated my small lips, so i got the brilliant idea - i make them bigger with makeup!!! woohooooo



    ... now i know why i have small lips. they keep me from looking CRAZY!! haha

    haha that's funny!


    "Opposite of gorgeous" she says. You crazy woman? You look amazing :blush: You have perfect eyebrows asdfgh *.*

  4. You miss the point. As long as it is not prohibited by law paparazzi will take such pics and you can (unfortunatly) nothing do against that. If it would be possible under British law, I think the celebs would use the law. Right? So, my opinion is, that as long as a celebrity has to deal with that (and do not tell me, that a celeb does not know what's comming up if you get in the spotlight) it MIGHT be better to use these shots for good headlines and a positive appearance in the media. And some simple rules (f.e. how to get out of a car propperly without looking like a gymnast) are easy to learn and avoiding such bad pictures. You will not stop the paparazzi's with polite arguments, so why not use them for a good PR? That's my point, and nothing else.

    No you miss the point. Just because what paparazzis do is not prohibited by law, does not mean that Emma or any other celeb are obliged to deal with it or be polite to them, since the paps are never polite. Or to use the invasion of the private life as a positive publicity. No.


    Most of the days, FOR YEARS NOW mind you, she had and still has the best image in the media. She was never rude always smiling. She still is, but she has the right to have a bad day, or even if she's not having a bad day, she has the bloody right to be annoyed to look annoyed and to act annoyed.

  5. If I have a bad day I stay at home with my girlfriend and do not visit nightclubs in Soho.

    Yes you have the right to do that. And she has the right to visit clubs and come back home without being harassed. Maybe that's how she's facing a bad day. Or a tiring day. Or any day for that matter. And the worst thing is not that this is actually happening -the whole paparazzi thing- the worst thing is people actually believing that this is how it's right to be, that she doesn't have the right to react that she MUST be pleasant all the time and smile like a fake doll because that's what some people want. It's disturbing.

  6. Of course it is part of their job; they are persons of public interest. And they want a good image and good publicity and under normal circumstances they pay a lot of money for that. Otherwise they would wether be famous or known. And as long as it is not prohibited by law I would suggest to smile a little, avoiding complaining about "creepy pap-shots" even on BBC1.

    Emma is probably one of the very few celebs who always try to smile and be polite towards paps. She's shown this countless times in the past. But can we please wrap ourselves around the fact that she is human? She can't always smile to people who keep popping up out of the blue calling her name every single time, so they can have a snapshot of her and then judge her outfit like a prize dog, or her hair or her make up or her personality based on how she responds to them.

    What if she had a bad day? Does she have to "smile a little" just for some people who don't even respect her and she knows that? I mean, would you? Because I wouldn't.

  7. I always take pictures in the elevator..

    I can't see if you have no make up on or if you have a natural make up on, but it suits you, you're so pretty! Loving the outfit, simple and nice!


    i made this, look how different a year makes! last year I was in the hospital for cutting too deep and then this year i'm almost 11 months clean from it! so crazy!!


    Can I have the sweatshirt like NOW *.* I absolutely love your hair and you look so much more refreshed than last year! Stay strong c:

  8. Getting your photo taken whilst out walking your dog, eating dinner with your friends or just getting out of your car are NOT written into your contract, you are NOT paid for that and it is NOT part of your job.


    Effing AMEN. I've been saying this forever, it annoys me when people are all like "it's part of their job, they chose to be on the spotlight". No, not this, this is not part of their job. People are jealous and petty and they think they DESERVE to know everything, like they own famous people just because they're "fans", Idk.

  9. Ι'm really gratefull that I had the chances, the support of my family and the financial aid to study all my life and be educated.

    Education should be free for everyone and not the privilege of the rich!


    I just got back from my local Church. They started this education/tutoring programme for the poor kids who can't afford to pay for private lessons. Here in Greece we have public schools, yes, but the education is awful; teachers don't care. So for the kids to actually be able to pass their final tests and enter a uni they like, they have to pay for private lessons and they cost TOO much. So with everything that's been going on here, most families can't afford it anymore.

    So our local Church started this programme for the poor kids and asks any teachers to volunteer and give help in any course, completely free of charge! So I volunteered!! And I feel so happy! It's a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, and I don't know if I get picked because I'm kinda young but I really hope I do, because as far as education is concerned, I don't care about money!


    Just wanted to share this with you guys! I'm so happy a lot of Churches take this initiative during those desperate times! It shows a lot to people!

  10. LOL Nah, it's fine. I don't mind looking younger than I am. I hear it will come in handy later on in life. XD We'll see right?



    I love your glasses. ^_^ You are also very cute. Just sayin'. XD

    haha that's what I think! :D


    Me too! I wanted them on black, but purple looked good as well! Thank you :3


    Don't often take pics of myself, but as I haven't posted one for a while, here ya go!



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