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  1. So many theories every single time xD Loved the episode, it was worth the waiting. So many questions though. For starters what's up with Jason and Mona? And does his wound at the end look like a stab wound or a burn? Because I want to see if he was the one that Aria stabbed on Halloween or the one who tried to burn Meredith :P What's up with the creepy janitor as well ugh. And how does A always now everything I mean asdfghjkl

  2. That's a bit blurry, yeah, but it was a quick snapshot, I was really in a hurry and I haven't posted a new one since forever. :P



    more pics....i've been in a picture mood lately...haha


    coffee date with my sis <3




    You both look gorgeous! Red suits you so much! :D

  3. I was given the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes in English by my mom! I was so happy when I saw it! :D 1,408 pages are waiting for me to read them. Also my brother bought the Silmarillion for me. I've read it loads of times but I never owned it. I also bought myself Stephen King's Pet sematary and Agatha Christie's Nemean Lion.


    I bought Lindsey Clark's The return from Troy for my brother, but I'm gonna read it as well once he's over with it! c:

  4. ^haha :P


    I saw the movie today for the 2nd time! If I had more money I'd probably watch it like 10 times! I loved it. Not a single moment I didn't like. I can't, I caaaan't wait for the next one to come out, but then I think to myself

    Battle of the Five Armies and then I just want to crawl into a fetal position and cry.



    Also, the soundtrack is amazing, Ive been obsessed for days!

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